11 May 2008

Last night I told Emily I'd take her shopping after we'd had breakfast with my parents. She was surprised I'd want to shop on Mother's Day but I thought it would be a good way for us to spend time together and she needs summer clothes. She was really happy. I'll admit I thought she would have more patience than usual because of it being Mother's Day. Bob Evans was packed, but we expected the 40 minutes wait, and my parents arrived just about 10 minutes before they called our name so it worked out pretty perfect. We had a really nice meal together, then went on our way. I'm not much of a shopper, but Emily loves it. We started with bathing suits and finally agreed on one suit out of all she tried on. She wasn't happy about the ones I vetoed, and I can't blame her. I was just happy we found one. Emily took my 'no's' to the rest of the clothes that I thought were too tight or too short pretty gracefully. She didn't get a bad attitude. She wound up getting many tops, shorts and pj's. Emily got a pair of jeans from a new store called Garage. The interior was really unique and I took some pictures. I loved the dressing rooms. Each one had different wallpaper with a unique chandelier.

We went out for pizza afterwards. We got home just in time for the gloomy day to turn into a very rainy one. It's been pouring for hours. There's flood watches in many parts of the region, and the edge of my basement floor around the door is wet. It's from the rain pouring over the clogged gutters. I really do need to take care of that. Anyway, I've spent the remainder of the day and night watching TV and doing laundry. It's been nice!

My plan for tomorrow? To go to the movies with some of my co-workers. I'm not sure what I'll do before or after, but something is bound to come up. I think it's supposed to rain. Again. That's OK...we need it. We also need a warm sunny day before we get too depressed.

I hope your Sunday was a great one.


Jay said...

Those chairs in that store look pretty comfy. I could probably sit there and put my feet up while other people did their shopping. ;-)

Moohaa said...

That store looks really cool. It would be a fun place to hang out and take your time shopping. I'm so glad you and Em had fun shopping. Happy Mother's Day!!

Enjoy your movie and stay dry!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I love the chandliers..especially the last one with the blue and rose looking wallpaper.>!!

So you had a nice mothers day and that's good.. I hope your basement didn't hold up. Do you have a back up sump pump??

What movie are you going to see??
Happy Mothers day Cheryl!

beachgirl said...

Cool store.
I am glad you had a nice Mothers Day with your parents and daughter.

Mine was spent on the beach with my family. We had to hide under the umbrellas for the rain to stop. Then it was gorgeous for the rest of the day. Just a nice peaceful day in front of my friends restaurant, peaceful being the main theme of the day.

Dinner was a BBQ at night at he house.

Have an awesome day.

Portia said...

AW:) Sounds like a good Mother's Day. I'm glad you and Emily got to spend some time together.
Seems to be feast or famine with the weather. I know the rain is needed, but as you mentioned, it would be nice to see the sun too:)
Enjoy your movie!

Happyone said...

Sounds like you had a real nice Mother's Day.
I never heard of that store but they have really cool dressing rooms.

jAMiE said...

Lucky Emily, i hope she wears her new duds in good health.

I love the look of that store and all the changing rooms, what a new idea!

Anonymous said...

Garage is awesome. Its been popular here ( canada, ontario, toronto ) for awhile now . The prices are pretty reasonable I think, although their ideas of sizing are a bit questionable, and its trendy . I love it although I must say , its best to hang dry pretty much everything from there.

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