14 May 2008

I've been sitting here watching a National Geographic show about giant reticulated snakes. Too much information! There's a mini-series starting on Sunday about people who were inside the World Trade Centers when the planes hit. I want to watch that. Did I ever mention I bought every magazine that came out about 9/11? And I've got them all under my bed? That's got to be really bad feng shui. I've always meant to put them in a box.

So...here it is, Wednesday night. It was a busy day at work, as usual, thank goodness. I ran on time and finished on time. I did the hair of one of my clients who had breast cancer. It's been a year since she lost her hair and as usual after chemo, it came in curly. Much to her chagrin, the hair on top had only grown a little over an inch long. The hair in back was a few inches long; too bad it wasn't reversed. She was so pleased I could make her hair look good...she just thought I'd shape it up and then she'd put her wig back on. I was glad I could do that for her. She and her husband travel the world and I love to hear about her trips. This summer she's going to Alaska, and in April they're joining an in-progress around the world cruise for a 27-day segment of it. They're starting in Dubai. How cool is that? Can you imagine having the funds to travel like that a few times a year? I wish she'd ask to take me along as her hairdresser. I'd love to find a way to make that happen.

So tomorrow's my day off and it's a Mom day. My plan is to get an very early start and head to the Panera's by my parent's house for some 'me' time. Then I'll go to the old homestead and cut and color my mother's hair. We'll probably go out to lunch afterwards. I'm ready for my favorite Chinese restaurant. I hope to buy the rest of my annuals on the way home, cause it's time to finish up the planting. There's still a lot of work to do. I'm ready.


marykay said...

Cheryl, you are such a good daughter. I know your mother appreciates all that you do. I am now experiencing rain for 2nd night, pray I don't float away. Enjoy your me time you deserve it. A cruise sounds wonderful you should look into one.

Brad said...

Just wnted to say hello Love - kinda worn out from the past couple days. I'll be back up to speed shortly.

Jay said...

I don't watch shows about snakes. I end up dreaming about them and that's really bad.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I'd hire you as my traveling hair dresser if I had the funds..that's my one and only dream, besides someone folding my laundry and putting it away, is to always have someone to do my hair in the mornings. :)or when I do get out.

I'm glad to see you enjoyed your me time this morning, and have a great day with your mom!!

What types of annuals do you generally buy? how come annuals versus perinneals? (sp) or are there just certain flowers that are only available as annuals..
I'm learning---slowly.. :)


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