25 May 2008

Why, oh why, did I have to wake up at 4:15 AM? Why not 6, or 7? I stayed in bed till 5:15, then gave up. I spent some time trying to get nail polish off of Em's carpet (grrr), and have been on the 'net since then. Feeling lazy. Between last night and this morning I did catch up on my Google Reader list. Nothing new to read!

Yesterday was a short one at work. 9:30-1:30. Was that great or what? I worked out on the Wii before work. I didn't do any stretching, and I'm paying for it today. I'll be sure to do it the right way this morning. BTW, I was researching the Fit and read that the Westin hotel chain will have Wii Fits in their hotel rooms. Pretty amazing, huh?

Here's something else I found interesting: the gmaps pedometer. It's easy to use, you can map your walking route, and it gives you the distance you travel. Click on usage instructions to learn how to 'use' it. Whatever you do, I hope it's great.

I don't know what's in store for this day, but I'm ready to get it started. The weather is going to be gorgeous. I'm ready to be outside.


Jamie said...

Good morning Cheryl! I'm jealous that you will be having beautiful weather, here - MORE rain, storms, etc. UGH.

I like the idea of the pedometer, and I will check into it. Exercise is a big part of my new eating lifestyle and job, and really always has been, although at my age, I must admit it has taken a back seat lately. There really hasn't been any time or decent weather to get on the bike much this year, will summer ever really come?

Whatever you choose to do today, be happy and feel lucky. You are one of the most together women I have ever had the privledge of knowing. Hugs, my friend. :)

Lena said...

Hi Early Bird!!

Yes, short work day sounds great.

You are an inspiration with how motivated you are to get fit. Hmmm, that Wii sounds so interesting. Gotta look into it.

fiwa said...

Ouch - 4:15 is early. And I thought 6 was bad!

It looks a little rainy here today, so I think I'm going to take a trip to WindMill Gardens and get some new plants. I haven't bought anything yet this year.

I hope you enjoy your beautiful day!


SOUL said...

hope you get some decent sleep soon.. i have been sleeping too much--for once-- but i am never happy--regardless of if it's too much or too little .. hmm.

anyhow-- hope the rest of your weekend is great

Jay said...

I woke up at 4:15 am today too! But, I just peed and then went back to bed for a few hours. ;-)

I've tried to be a morning person a few times in my life, but it's just never worked out for me.

Mary said...

Picturing you having a wonderful day fill with everything you love. I wish I had the drive and organization that you have. I certainly admire you.

Happyone said...

Hello early bird!

I use gmaps when I don't wear my pedometer. It's a great website.

Hope whatever you're doing today you're having a great time!! See you soon.
I'll email you.

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