08 May 2008

There's times I wish I could say exactly what I want here, but not doing so keeps me from whining. I complain a lot in my mind, and get tired of hearing myself. Will I survive teenager-hood? I know I'm not alone, but that doesn't make it any easier.

It's cloudy. It's rainy. For the first time in over a week. It will keep me from doing any work outside, and that's actually a good thing. I plan to do something unusual this morning: I'm going to catch up on episodes of Lost and Brothers and Sisters. I have a DVR now and I've been recording my shows. It's so much better than a VCR. I really don't know what I'll be doing today. We'll see.

I've had a constant companion on my porch. I tried to keep her from making a nest, but while I was in NY she made a big one and immediately laid eggs. At least I can still sit on my porch. She just flies away when I go outside.

I'm in a totally blah and bummed out mood. I've been on the couch for over two and a half hours. I'm not really going to watch TV. What was I thinking? The sun has come out; I guess the rain won't start back up for hours, and when it does, it's supposed to be hard and last for over 48 hours. Yuck. I think the best thing for me would be to change clothes and go for a walk. I'll really try to write again later.


marykay said...

I have a little friend that made home next to my front door and I posted about them today must be that time of year. Go shopping retail therapy always works for the blahs. Have a super day off!

marykay said...

Oh, yes you will survive teenagerhood but, then we have twentysomethings that think they know it all! Ugh!

C.A. said...

Sorry youre having a bad day, Cheryl. If I lived closer, I'd come by and take you to lunch at some place wonderful, and then take you for a little shopping.

Please know that I'm SO with you on the teenager thing. It gets better...it just takes a loooooooong time.



Happyone said...

Sorry you are having a bad day. I'm sure your walk will brightened things up for you.
I just can't imagine starting my day without my morning walk. It sets my mood for the whole day. :-)

Brad said...

Being a bit glum now and then is ok - A walk will do you good. Not being a parent, I always hesitate to give advice. But what I can tell you is that I spent from 20 to 25 apologizing to my mother for the things I did to her from 15 to 20. You’ll be fine. You’re a good Mom.

Andrew said...

Hey! I am thinking of you. Thats is what I like about blogs. It is so therapeutic. You share and others help with your load. Enjoy today and I look forward to hearing from you again. They say parenting is the hardest yet most rewarding job you will ever do!!! Take care, friend.

Lena said...

You are right, knowing that other moms have survived the teen aged years does not help at the moment.

You are a great Mom, no matter what is going on for now. This too, will pass.

Hope your walk cheered you up.

Jamie said...

Oh how I remember those teenage years, in some ways, things haven't changed too much! This is your blog, and like you have told me repeatedly, you can say anything you want. However, having said that, I understand not wanting to blast what is a private thing all over the world. Hang in, it really DOES get better. You have raised a beautiful, wonderful girl, that really will grow up. She will be as awesome as her mother, you just wait and see!

We have "porch guests" each spring, too. They are so messy and have really caused some damage before. It's so completely amazing how fast they can build the nests, and the work they do is fascinating. It's just too bad they leave so much mess and damage.

I hope your day has been wonderful. I hope you walked and felt better. Hugs. :)

bonnie said...

Waaaah, sorry, that was a sympathy waaaah. I hate how cranky I am internally. It's annoying. Oh, you'll like this: on that beautiful sunny day this week, Jess sat on my deck out back, in the wide open, and a bird shit a big wet one on her shoulder. After cleaning her up, I told her it was good luck.

Portia said...

I feel the same way about my blog sometimes.
I hope today is a better day!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

becareful she doesn't fly into your house..the same thing happened to my grandma's front porch light, so she tied a target plastic bag over it..but that was before the eggs were laid.

It looks like you're feeing a bit better....hang in there..and I know what you mean about the blah moods..been there lately, and we're with you.
Come to chicago,bring Bonnie and pick up Portia and we'll have a girls day downtown chicago. :)

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