25 May 2008

Thought I'd do a quick update. I started thinking about that almond apple cheesecake this morning. Then I thought if I invited some people over for a cookout I'd have a reason to make the cake. So...cheesecake is baked and chilled. So is Fumi salad. Ditto with brownies. Steak teriyaki sauce is made and ready to be heated. Flatiron steaks are marinated. Limes are cut for the Corinitas. There will be 11 of us, with the others bringing something. It's a good thing I'm close to my neighbor Kelly. I brought over a recipe for garlicky oven fries and asked her to make it!

The babies


Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at the thought of having a big ol' party just so you could make a cheesecake!

I'm sure you are having a ball right this minute though.

Such sweet babies...

Mo said...

I wanna come over and play with you. Your menu sounds delicious and like the day is going to be a fun one.

I just got back from taking a friend to the airport, indulging in bad food at the Denny's counter (can you say chicken fried steak?) while taking my time to read the Sunday paper, hitting up Target, and now I am home with the babes getting ready for a friend to come over and watch the Lakers take on the Spurs.

Your day sounds much more fun!

Andrew said...

You've really got me intrigued about these flatiron steaks! I've heard you talk about them several times. I seem to remember a cooking show on PBS talking about them as well. Now I am hungry! lol I am a terrible carnivore. Loved the photo of your babies!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Yum. Cheesecake sounds good.

Look at the hungry little open mouth! He must want cheesecake too.

Lena said...

I finally had a flat iron steak a couple of weeks ago. YUM -O

Pics of the babes so sweet.

Sounds like you are going to have a great party!


Billy said...

Sounds like such a fun day! We sell flat-iron steaks like crazy! They are extremely popular here. The birds are cute!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Great photo. Must be noisy though, huh?

SOUL said...

i really wish you lived closer-- i think you and i would get along great-- i mean, the way you like to cook.. and cut hair-- and the way i
well.. i just need motivation to get back to cooking-- but you sure do have some awesome recipes i'd love to try out--
and i would definitely use YOU for my hair lady-- i have NO idea why people have such a hard time cutting my hair-- if you have -- and i am sure you have- seen my video (s)-- i have had the same -- basic- simple- hair-cut- for twenty years ! why can't anyone get it right?

anyhow-- you are a lot more girly girl than me i think- but we do have a lot in common- like with the kid thing-- and we do like to cook.. and eat.. and coffee.. and nature.. and i think we'd hit it off pretty good.

i just might be able to get ya to fish too-- maybe :))


i hope you and em are havin a good weekend ! no arguing? i hope?
it's kinda minimal here-- luckily the child has had company all weekend - that usually helps. how bout there?


Portia said...

I've just caught up on your busy week. How cool that baby birds hatched right on your porch! Even cooler to have a surprise visit from your own family:) The cheesecake sounds delicious...I had one recently with pecan pie inside. Wow, was that good. The rest of your menu sounds great too. I hope you had a great time cooking out!

Mary said...

Hold the phone - I'll be right there! It sounds like a yummy, fun day at your house. Even the babies are ready to sample the good food and enjoy the laughter and conversation. Have a wonderful day.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

The pic of the babies is beautiful! What kind?

Happyone said...

The baby robins are so cute. Don't you love their peeping when food arrives from mom and dad!!
I'm waiting to see the mouring dove babies at my house.

Summer said...

I love the picture of those robin babies. We had an unfortunate accident last week that resulted in a nest falling out of one of our trees, breaking the eggs. I was heartbroken. I felt responsible.

Golden To Silver Val said...

OH YUM...sounds like a good time and lots of yummy food. Would you consider posting some of those recipes?? Hope the weather cooperated. It was a lovely Memorial Day here...for the first time in YEARS.

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