17 July 2008

Morning! My computer time yesterday was spent composing a very long e-mail. It took away my walking time. Oh well. I went to my dentist to get my broken tooth fixed. That happened on Sunday, but fortunately I had no pain. My dentist (my cousin's husband) made what I think is called an overlay. Not quite a crown. He has an amazing computerized machine that makes the 'product' in less than 20 minutes. He shapes the tooth, sprays on a photographic powder, uses a wand to take a picture that shows up on a computer in 3-D (4-D?). He can rotate the image, and draw the margins that need to be filled or covered, or whatever. The information gets sent to a machine in the office that mills a piece of porcelain to the precise shape. Then it gets bonded onto the tooth, a perfect fit. All in one sitting. He uses it for crowns, inlays, onlays, overlays, etc... Not my forte, you know, but pretty amazing.

I finally had my lab work done yesterday for my thyroid. I have a standing order to have it done every 4 weeks, and it's been about 8. I stopped by my sister's lab and she did it for me. She also did the labs for my Vitamin D's. My number is 57. That's almost impossible to achieve without prescription D, and the sun. I'm getting both. Before the summer and the prescription, my number was 26. The doctor thought that was OK, but through my sister I knew the ideal number was in the 50's and I asked for the prescription. Are you getting enough Vitamin D?

I won't tell you how many laps I swam yesterday. I can't even believe it. I finally got into the zone.

I have to stop cause I've run out of time. We're having a salon meeting this morning at 9:30. I switched my day off so I could just stay and work.

Happy Thursday.


Happyone said...

My dentist does that same thing and I have one also. Pretty cool stuff!

I have no idea what my Vitamin D number is!

It sounds like swimming is your thing. I think the important thing in exercising is to find something you love to do, then it's fun and you don't think of it as exercise.

Golden To Silver Val said...

You go!!! That's terrific Cheryl. The swimming is OH SO GOOD for you too. Keep this up, woman, and you'll be dancin' the "dirty chicken" when you're 98! (do you remember the dirty chicken? you may be too young... can't hold a candle to the dances out now...but we sure were condemned for dancing it. LOLOLOL)

Mary said...

Swimming is wonderful - ever so much more fun than walking. At least that's what I think.

I haven't seen the new equipment that does the overlays but I have heard about it. Ain't technology grand when it works?

Mo said...

The dentist thing sounds pretty darn amazing.

I am happy you got in the zone. Back in the day I used to swim (I wasn’t Michael Phelps) but I loved it. I should get back into it. It is a great all overall workout and I remember how much I used to love slicing through the water without a care in the world except for the motion.

I am not sure what my Vitamin D is but I do take a multivitamin w D in it and my calcium pill has it too so hopefully I am safe.

How do they check for it? Through bloodwork?

Billy said...

Great job on the laps! You are becoming quite the athlete. Go you! I never even bothered to wonder about my Vitamin D's. Hmmmm... something to think about.

fiwa said...

I'm with Mo, I take a multivitamin, so hopefully that covers me.

I wanna know how many laps - come on - fess up!!

have a wonderful day -

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Hmmm. I just swiitched from a calcium-magnesium-zinc formula to a calcium-Vitamin D formula and tripled my dosage, so I have a hunch my D will be doing fine soon.

(Can you tell that I just had a bone density scan that my doctor didn't like?)

Martha said...

Hmmmm. I've been hearing a lot about vitamin D lately. I need to research it a little more, because I strongly suspect I'm not getting enough. The swimming sounds fantastic. I wish there was a pool somewhere near my house, especially since my daughter thinks she's a little fish.

heiresschild said...

i can't swim. every year i say i'm going to learn, then i chicken out.

that's amazing about the technology the dentist is able to do right there in the office.

Gin said...

You are a whirlwind! You must be one of the busiest ladies around. I get winded just reading about your life. LOL

Jamie said...

Dentistry is pretty amazing these days, isn't it?

My vitamin D level remains way too low, no matter how much I take or how much sun I get. I just found out yesterday that can lead to MS, which was news to me.

I think you are so awesome, walking..swimming...just doing your job...I am so jealous of your energy. No, not jealous, envious. I used to be able to do all of that, too. You keep goin!

Have a great weekend. :)

Mary said...

Cheryl, Check my blog. There is something there intended for you.

heiresschild said...

i loooooove baskin robbins. i'm on their email list so i knew about national ice cream day. how cool is that--a day of celebration of ice cream. lol! plus they send me a coupon for a free ice cream cone every year for my birthday. have a great day!

Portia said...

Wow! And I thought my dentist was hight tech. That's amazing stuff.

Great job on the laps! The zone is where it's at, although I can't say I've gotten there while swimming laps.

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

I actually take a vitamin D suppliment cause my labs came back that I wasn't getting enough.

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