09 March 2009

Bore warning

The clock says 8:09 PM, but it sure feels earlier. Daylight Savings Time takes some getting used to.

I met my father at the mechanic's at 8 this morning for scheduled maintenance that I was 6,700 miles behind on. My mom was really happy to have me be the one to take her to the eye doctor's. Both parents belong to Kaiser, and the few times I've been there I've noticed how nice everyone is to older people. My mom got the royal treatment: I used one of their wheelchairs to take her where she needed to go. My dad drops her off at the curb, and there's so much walking involved. I don't know how she does it; it seems to me like her walking days are almost over. I suggested we drive to Annapolis to the eyeglass store. I made her choice in about 3 minutes. She had drops put in at the optometrists so she couldn't really see what I picked out for her. She'll like them. They'll be ready in two weeks and guess what? The store is right next to Old Country Buffet!

I ran some errands while Mom stayed in the car. I always make sure I bring a magazine for her to read. I hung out at their house till I got the call that the car was ready. $400 later, I'm set for a while. Last week I paid the $500 deductible for my car accident. It's been an expensive month. I'll go back to the body shop soon and have the scratches on my car fixed, then I'm done with car stuff. Oh, and I make my very last car payment next week! I'll be adding that amount to my savings account from now on.

With that, I'll say good-bye, cause I'm boring myself :))


Jules said...

Cheryl, I can relate to the daylight savings blues. We don't participate in Arizona, but my clocks do. I lost a whole hour for a whole day because I didn't realize my clocks had changed overnight!

Congrats on paying off the car. Ther is no better feeling than that!

Mary said...

Making the final car payment is anything but boring. Congratulations!!!

Your mother is lucky to have you. I'm sorry to hear that she's progressing towards not being able to walk. Some days, when my joints hurt, I wonder how long it'll be before I have to give up the activities I can still manage. Growing old is NOT for the weak.

KathyA said...

Not boring at all.
You're such a sweet daughter!
Glad the car stuff is behind you -- at least for a while.
Hope to see you tomorrow.

Lena said...

You are never boring!

It is nice that you get time off during the week to spend with your parents.

happyone said...

You are such a nice daughter!!
Congrats on paying off your car - such a great feeling that is.
I like your new avatar.

Cindy said...

We do that too, paid the pickup off, the money is going toward the car, it will be paid off in two months, then the payments for both will go in savings.

Brad said...

Well, at least the car didn't wait till AFTER you made the last payment to get all needy!

Mo said...

Yay for the last car payment!

Boo on having an expensive month.

Come on over to my place and get your lovins.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

what's Kaiser? a grocery store?

YES!! On the car!! That's wonderful news! That also can mean less car insurance..although I guess it depends on state rules.

stop boring yourself, I liked what you wrote. :)

Jamie said...

You are such a good daughter. :)

How exciting to make the last car payment...that is cause for celebration!

Have a happy day-- hugs, friend. :)

Gin said...

I feel your pain (I just paid off my $1400 car bill from last fall...it was on a "same as cash" account)

You are a good daughter!!

Hope you're doing well.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

We still have a year to go before we hit that last car payment. I think that's a big deal.

fiwa said...

Well, at least you got all that car stuff behind you for awhile. And yay for your last payment - that is terrific news!

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