15 March 2009

Hello Sunday

This morning was like the old days when I'd get up early and rush out to Caribou coffee to meet Kit. Kit's friend Alicia is visiting from San Diego and it was great to see her again. The visit was long, but too short. They just left to get on with their day and I'm staying a bit longer. This shopping center has Homegoods and Marshall's and I'll stop by and do some looking, at least.

Not much planned for the day. Its cold and rainy and gray. A good day for something, but I'm not sure what. Definitely finishing organizing my tax info so I can get my taxes filed. My neighbor has done my taxes for years and I'm so grateful. Kelly, if you're reading this, thank you in advance. She's a whiz with the software. I should do something like make a start on cleaning out my bedroom walk-in closet. Or clean. Do something busy. So, it's a mystery day that will unfold.

I trimmed Emily's hair on Friday. It's never fun for either of us when I do her hair. She thinks I pull too hard, cut it too short, take too long, etc... I'm always nervous. This time was no exception. I'm sure we're both glad it won't have to be done for a while. Her hair is amazingly long!

Time for me to run. Happy Sunday!


KathyA said...

I'm surprised she let you near her with scissors!
It IS gray and gloomy and raw and awful, isn't it?
I'm not sure what I want to do today. Richard has been working since Friday night, so whatever I do it will be alone. Haven't even gone downstairs, yet. I would like to try that pizza that Karen showed on her website.
Wandering through HomeGoods sounds pretty good right now...

Lena said...

Wow, I never realized how long her hair was!

Nice sunny and warm day here after a gloomy and chilly week.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

WOW She has such long hair! I bet it's really full too!

I had to chuckle when I read the part about you cutting it and the issues that come up with that..because,...I can remember as a little girl my mom always pulling my hair, and one time cut my bangs crooked...yet any other woman that brushed my hair and cut it never pulled it..

I finally figured it out years later while my husband was playing with my hair: it's like selling a car to a relative..it makes it too personal so when something minor happens, it hurts worse ...

She's lucky though to get her hair done by a professional...the amount of money that's being saved she'll come to appreciate some day!

:) :)

Gin said...

Hope your weather straightens out. It was a gorgeous day here...60°. We cleaned the trash of winter from our deck. There were so many leaves and a few broken pots that didn't get picked up and were breakable.(My bad!) It's all swept and neat now. All ready for spring break when I will hopefully get more work done out there...the patio and shed are next. I will do my taxes then too. I use a computer prog. It works pretty well. Em's hair is so long!

Jamie said...

Her hair is LONG! And she is so beautiful, just like her mama...

Ugh taxes. I don't want to think about them, and I have to get them done next weekend.

Happy Sunday Cheryl, I hope you spent it doing something fun and productive. Hugs.


happyone said...

I think it's supposed to rain tomorrow too.
We finished our taxes this past week. We do our own together using TurboTax. It's really easy - they take you step by step.

ac said...

I wore my hair long for years. Long hair needs the occasional trim... (Like I need to tell you that! ha!) I think it's natural to be nervous when it's mom 'hairdresser' and daughter 'client'. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! lol

Sarah said...

I really thought this post was funny! Has Emily ever had her hair cut by anyone else? :)

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