12 March 2009

Just this and that

Could the time change still be affecting me? Why am I so tired about after dinner time? Don't know. Of course, it could be the lack of exercise. I just can't seem to get myself back into the groove. I'm not surprised, though. Anyone remember my saying it wouldn't last? Well, it didn't. I'm not giving up though. The weather is getting nicer. I did used to walk outside. Maybe I'll start that up again.

I spent a while on the phone with Dell this morning. I'm having a problem with my hard drive and they're sending out a new one. I got it working again myself, and transferred all my pictures and files to my external drive. Whew. Lucky me. I went to the mall today. Bought new lipstick and went out to lunch. Came home and did some running around with Emily. She had leftover dinner and I made my own. Just having a quiet night in.

Random stuff. I love a bargain. I called Crest about the lids on the two tubes of toothpaste I bought. The hinges were flimsy and broke and toothpaste was leaking out. A real design flaw. I called about it and they sent out coupons for two Crest products. I bought Crest Reflections with white strips at almost $11 each. Woo hoo for free. ,

I wake up every morning and make Emily breakfast and lunch. I like doing it. She used to not eat any breakfast, and I hated that but tried to keep my mouth closed. I figured out she wouldn't starve, but I knew she'd have a better school day if she ate. Then she wanted a half bagel and cream cheese. Then it was home made waffles. Now it's scrambled eggs and a waffle, or eggs and sausage. I love it when she has a good breakfast. I make her weak coffee too. Lunch always consisted of a PB&J sandwich, red seedless grapes and a snack. For a while it changed to ham and cheese. Now it's southwestern chicken and Mexican cheese spread with sour cream and wrapped in a tortilla. What did we do before tortillas? So, my mornings are busy getting her off to school. She wakes up at 5:15 AM. I get up at 6:15 and she's out the door at 6:43. Whew.

I started blow drying my bangs again. Can you tell in my picture? I never did get used to those curls in front of my face. The first day I straightened them I also wore lipstick. Everyone and their mother asked if I had make-up on. No, I said. It's the lipstick. Every time I wear it everyone asks if I have make-up on. I always have make-up on. I bought Aveda lipstick today. It feels yummy and tastes peppermint-y. When Emily and I were checking books out at the library today, the person said, you're both so beautiful! What a nice thing to say! I thanked her,and as I was walking out I told Emily it was because she was young and beautiful and I was wearing lipstick! She thought it was because of our curly hair. What a nice thing for a stranger to give such a nice compliment!

Emily checked out the the book Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin from the library. It's young adult fiction, and I've read it two times. I know she'll love it. I also convinced her to get Catcher in the Rye. I hope she takes the time to read them.

My dishwasher is on it's last leg. I went to Sears and did a little looking around. I really don't want to buy a new one yet, so I've been washing everything by hand. I used to do that, so it's not such a big deal. Still.

OK, I went from nothing to say to a ramble. I'll stop now while I can. La de da!


Golden To Silver Val said...

I'm so glad you made some memories today with your daughter. Too soon she'll be grown. It will be a little space of time that she'll go her own way.....then she'll come back and you'll be making memories again. Speaking of lipstick...I wish I could find one that would STAY. If you ever do, please pass the name on! I will be forever grateful.

KathyA said...

You and Emily had such a nice day together! Good for you.
I have many tubes of lipstick, but I never wear it! The one color I really loved was made by Chanel -- of course, they discontinued it. Most of the time I use gloss or Chapstick! How boring, right?

happyone said...

I spent time with my daughter today too. :-)
I have yet to use my dishwasher.
Such a nice compliment!!!
I don't like the feel of lipstick on my lips so I don't wear it.

fiwa said...

I can't see the straight bangs in your profile - we need a larger photo! :)

Man, I wish someone would make me a breakfast like that!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure it has to do more than just the lipstick, silly girl!

captain corky said...

Max was affected by the time change. It took him almost a week to adjust. One day he slept till 10:30 and that's just about unheard of for him. I was actually a bit worried, but he was up at 8 yesterday so all is right with his world.

Portia said...

You two are beautiful, to see you out together must be stunning! I love your new picture, although I'm glad you shared the difference in your bangs, I never would have put my finger on it.
I don't even own any lipstick. I think it looks funny on me...maybe something about the freckles.
I hoped to be getting a dishawsher for our new house within these first few weeks but it looks like it will be a while longer. It's not so bad, but the sippy cups seem to pile up fast!
I love it when you actually say "la de da" in your posts.. I can just hear it and it's always so fitting:)

Brad said...

I'm still ticked off at Sears about our dishwasher. It was only a few years old when it broke down. I had Sears Repair come out and tell me it would'nt be worth spending money to repair it but I should just replace it. Remember when applicances could be fixed? Grrr.

You and Em are beautiful!

Cindy said...

I just bought an LG dishwasher, our other one was so loud we had the TV up pretty loud to drown it out. You couldn't talk in the same room with it. So, we got a new one, have to go check it to see if it's on, it's so quiet. I love it! The heating elements are underneath, so they are not all gross with lime. It's really a keeper.

ellesu said...

I definitely think the time change could still be affecting you. It is me. I don't like it at all. But....nobody asked me. :)

I know the salesperson's compliment put a smile on your face. It was a nice thing to say. I never ate breakfast either. In first and second grade my mom would come to school during recess with a biscuit and jelly for me. She gave up pretty quickly after that though....

I know what you mean about getting used to new teeth. My new bridge is causing me to sound as if I'm lisping which sounds odd to me. Noone else seems to notice but I do. I don't sound like myself and for some reason it's funny. I can't talk without laughing at how I think I sound. I hope I get used to it.

Now, for the important stuff. Coffee. I haven't really priced the coffee pods. I hear they've come down in price and I hope so. Target had a big box for $9.99 but I don't remember how many were in the box. I got samples with the new coffee pot and my daughter just sent me some more so I haven't had to buy any for myself yet. I'll let you know if I find any bargains.

beachgirl said...

Have a fun filled weekend.

Summer said...

Appliances annoy me these days. My parents had one dryer when I was growing up. It lasted at least 25 years. Now we're lucky if they last 5.

You're a great mom. Em is a lucky girl!

Rick Rockhill said...

I bet you don't even know that you are such a good egg cheryl, your family is lucky to have you at the helm.

hope the hard drive stuff gets fixed up for ya.

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