02 March 2009

Snow day

It's been a boring day. Blah. The shoveling was pretty easy. It's the first time in years that I either didn't borrow my neighbor's snow blower or that she didn't do it for me. It's the first time Emily and I have done the shoveling together. That was nice. I plowed through a year's worth of paperwork, sorting, trashing, recycling, saving. I have a pile of stuff that pertains to taxes, but I'll sort that another day. I'm so done with it for now. Emily and I watched last night's Brothers and Sisters. She's out with some neighborhood kids now. I know she's bored silly. I can't imagine being out in this cold...I'll just remain in and bored till I go to sleep.

I made a great dinner last night. I pounded chicken breasts just enough to get them uniform but keep them thick. Coated them with egg, then thickly coated them with crunched up French's French Fried Onions and baked them at 400 for 20 minutes. They were crispy and tender and delicious.

We watched the DVD Harold and Maude last night. Unfortunately it got all pixelated and skippy at the end, so we had to infer the conclusion as best we could. I think I might stay away from movies that bill themselves as 'classic cult films'. They're always weird.

Well, I'm going to put some more laundry in, read me some blogs, and perhaps tackle some newspapers. Is it time for bed yet? Nope, only 6:00.


happyone said...

I saw Harold and Maude and loved it.
We made a good start on our taxes just before supper. We are going to do a little each day.
Hope your tomorrow is a better day for you.

Bill said...
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Lena said...

I saw Harold and Maude back when we lived in Ithaca, NY and my husband was in college. I loved it then.

Nice you had help shoveling snow.

Your chicken dinner sounds so good. I never thought of crunched up French Fried onions. I am into Panko bread crumbs now and I am putting them on everything.

Anonymous said...

I saw Harold & Maude when it came out in the early 70s and loved it. As I recall, I even thought it was profound. Then we got it from Netflix a couple of years ago and watched it with my teenagers. They couldn't stand it except they did have a great time making fun of it and me. I have to admit, it was so much better way back then. MIME

Summer said...

It's almost 9. Is it time yet?

kristi said...

I stayed home today and made a lot of progress on my house.

SOUL said...

you didn't like the movie? i saw it-- i bet 2-3 times by now, but it's been a while. i loved it-- but then again , i love the old lady-- ruth gordon. she was hilarious in every which way but loose too.

i can't believe you got enough snow that it had to be shoveled... if it was a less hectic day here-- it was fishin weather.
maybe you should come visit? it has been unseasonably warm-- most days. we get cold and had a couple freezes-- but for the most part-- it's great--
hugs to you

i'm so happy you like the book btw- :))

fiwa said...

Lol... count me as another one that loved that movie. All the pranks he plays on his mother faking his suicide crack me up.

I've seen that recipe for chicken with the crunched up onion stuff before but was always hesitant to try it. Thanks for the review - guess I'll give it a shot.

Hang in there sister.

Portia said...

I just watched Harold & Maude a couple weeks ago when a friend brought it over. I had seen it, but she thought it was a newer (mainstream) movie with someone she knew in it...which it clearly was not. (ps..in the end she kills herself and they make you think for a moment that he does too..but he doesn't)

That chicken recipe sounds good, and I think I can remember it too!

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