29 March 2009


Today I'm thankful for the warmth and breeze of this day, and the sounds of my chimes and the peepers. I'm thankful for a lot more than that, of course, but right now it's making me very happy. I took a long walk and talked the while with a cousin I haven't seen or spoken to in probably 40 years. We've reconnected through Facebook. We've always been close to my mom's side of the family but not my dad's. He wasn't close to his siblings and they lived out of state. Through Facebook, I'm getting to know them.

I'm going to attempt to start my book club book, Love in the Time of Cholera. I've put it off long enough. If that fails, I'm going to a neighbor's to watch her Tivo'd American Idol.

Happy Sunday!


ellesu said...

I'm also thankful for our weather today, but....the breeze and the *coolish* temps. :) It's getting way too warm, way too quickly down here in the swamps.

I guess I'm going to have to give Facebook a try. My daughter is reconnecting with so many of her friends.

Billy said...

I think we are through the winter months here in Kansas, FINALLY! Most of our snow melted today, which means I will need to wash my car again in a few days. woo.hoo.

Jamie said...

A long walk sounds so great...

Soon---I will be able to do that, too.

Your weekend sounds so relaxing and wonderful. That makes me happy.

Have a great Monday. :)

KathyA said...

Re-connecting is super!
And so is that book. Have you started it, yet?

fiwa said...

Ok, that is a cool facebook story. How neat to reconnect with your family that way.

I've always meant to read that book - tell us what you think about it when you're done, please?

Portia said...

I agree, we haven't heard much about people finding relatives on those sites, but that is awesome.

I hope today brings more warmth + chimes:)

Brad said...

Glad everything worked out with the laptop! - I re-connected with another old friend on Facebook this very morning. Great tool!

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