19 March 2009

Does your hair grow while you wait?

I had a Happy lunch with Happyone at Mimi's Cafe. She recommended a salad with pistachios, strawberries, craisins, feta cheese, chicken, greens and a vinaigrette. Every single bite was a party in my mouth! I could eat that salad every day for a long time and not get tired of it. While we were at the restaurant the Verizon tech called to tell me that he was going to try to be at my house at 1:00, but it might be 1:30 or 2:00, though he thought he could be there at 1:00. He gave me his phone number in case I needed to contact him. Sweet! I wouldn't have to wait all day for him! I went to the grocery store after lunch and got home at 1:00 on the dot. My friend Sarah came over and I cut her hair. Then I vacuumed the downstairs and mopped the floor. Got the upstairs vacuumed too. I called the tech at 3:00 and asked if he forgot me. He told me he was having 'vehicle issues' but that if he couldn't get here because of his 'vehicle issues' that someone else would be here. It's 4:20. Did I mention the 1-5 window? Grrrr. At least I didn't have anything else planned for the day. At least I got the floors done. Dinner is prepped and in the refrigerator. Watch...the tech will show up at 6:00, the time I'm supposed to pick up Emily. I don't mean to sound cynical. That's Jay's thing :)

I've got Oprah on in the background. Her guests are men who abused their wives or girlfriends. It's very hard to watch. Is she doing this show for Rihanna and Chris Brown? I think it's time to turn it off. I've got some TV shows to catch up on that would be a lot more enjoyable than this.

A new tech just called. It's 4:40. He said he'll be here in 15-20 minutes. Wish me luck that he gets the job done.



Andrew said...

I hate having to wait and being unsure of when someone would come. Mom was driving me crazy today doing our usual Thursday grocery shopping. I kept calling her on her cell phone to see if she was coming. I am so impetuous sometimes.

I am envious of you and Karen's fiendshop. I want a ride in that C5 Corvette! I would thrill my soul.

Cindy said...

I would so love one of those little tomato grower thingies! I hate waiting on repair men.....makes me grumble and it wasn't even me. Men who abused their wives, huh? I would love to hear about that, I saw it firsthand, never did understand it.

Jules said...

Hey Cheryl! I had the same sort of situation today. I was expecting a contractor "sometime late in the day", which meant I would be stuck at home. Mine called at noon and said he was available whenever I was ready! SWEET. I have my afternoon back!

I'm jealous of your indoor garden. I want one but they are Sooooo expensive.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I hope he showed up.

I love your tomatoes.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

How cool! I love your tomatoes..how are they growing like that? You are such the snow white of green thumbs :)

Sorry about the cable crap...
can you imagine how many times those guys must get grief because they can just never be on time?
maybe they should stop the window

Portia said...

Ooooh, lookie! Your tomato plants are looking so nice and healthy!

That stinks that you had the quintessential day waiting for repair men who didn't show until way after the last minute:( I really wonder why it is so difficult for them to estimate job times.

Hope you found something uplifting to watch:)

KathyA said...

Glad he finally showed. You did manage to get a lot done, though, didn't you? So is it fixed, yet?

happyone said...

What pain having to wait so long for the cable guy. I know the feeling well. At least they didn't forget about you and you had to wait another 2 weeks like we did!!!

I love how you described how the salad tasted - I feel that way too.

Mo said...

I want some of that salad.

I am glad you made the most of your time and boy howdy, I probably would have let someone have it for being so late and not having everything working.

Nicely of course but I would have let loose!

fiwa said...

MMM... I'll have some salad too!

I have some extra, pent up agression I can let loose on someone (the repair man) if you need me to!

Your maters look gorgeous - I am envious.


Brad said...

Ok, no one else has said it so I guess it's up to me.

Don't you mean you had a Happy Meal with Happyone?

Happy Meal, get it? McDonalds?

Ok. I'm SO not funny.

Jamie said...

I will have to try that salad..we have a new Mimi's here, and I really like the place. Oh how I hate technical issues. They drive me completely crazy, anything that I can't fix myself does. You have had your share of them in the past couple of years, it seems. Hope they are all handled now. :)

Sarah said...

I JUST started watching Oprah and Ellen - I've been meaning to watch the Ellen show, and then Oprah was right after. I forgot how much I liked her show - sure, some I could do without, but some are really good.

And I'll tell you again - I LOVE my haircut!! I can't thank you enough! xoxo

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