23 February 2007

I did something out of my ordinary this week. I went to the movies on a week night with some of my co-workers. We saw 'Music and Lyrics.' That makes two Hugh Grant movies for me in one week. I found it to be extremely corny and I loved every minute of it. There were some good laugh out loud moments. We ate at Uno's afterwards. It was nice. It's good to do things outside of work with your co-workers.

I didn't get much sleep last night. It was so windy that the noise of it kept me up. I tried ear plugs, put the pillow over my head, turned my fan on high. Nothing covered up the noise. It was amazing. I worried that a tree might fall on the house. It didn't. This would be a totally different post if it did! I think I'll just settle in early tonight. Do some writing in my journal (Remember that mother/daughter journal? Emily never contributed anything after the first day). I start work at 8 AM. That comes early enough. I can't believe tomorrow is Saturday already. I'll look forward to getting off of work and having my latte.

I've been rambling, and it's time to go.


Billy said...

It's 10:45 and it has started to rain. Sounds nice for a change, compared to the freezing rain we had in January.

Amanda said...

Wind is something we ordinarily get in the spring too. Weather has been very mild this year. Could almost get used to it too.

I wish you a wonderful Saturday!

Dave said...

Good to be back! Have a great weekend Cheryl! :-)

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