26 February 2007

I stayed on task today and stayed busy. School was delayed by 2 hours, much to Emily's chagrin. I left after she did and went to CVS, the bank, Super Fresh, the hardware store and Weis market. I came home and put everything away. I attached a 'rain drain' to the downspout by my basement because I've been getting some water coming in by the foundation. I vacuumed the house and picked up. I separated all the things I'm going to donate on Thursday and made a neat area in my living room of the things I want to sell. I did two loads of laundry. I was interviewed by the F.B.I. doing a background check on a neighbor. I made my lunches for the next few days. I love getting that done ahead of time. It's probably that way for people who have to iron; better than having to do it each morning. I got all my ingredients prepped and ready to go for dinner. We had our once a week shrimp scampi. Each week it gets a little better. Today I coated the shrimp with flour, like I did last week. I sauteed bruised and sliced garlic in butter and olive oil. Then I turned up the heat and added the shrimp. They browned on both sides, I squeezed a lemon over them and added about a half a cup of chicken broth, reduced it for a minute, and served it over angel hair pasta. I didn't really mean to include all the steps; it just came out. I also made something called green beans a la tang, for the second time. They were just OK. It took a long time to prep everything for dinner, but it all cooked in less than 15 minutes. Dishes are done.

Well, I'm off to the high school to attend a public hearing about redistricting. I wonder what that will be like? Hopefully no one will be able to smell all the garlic on me! I won't have time to add to this later, so I'll just send it off now. It's been a busy day.


Billy said...

Well, we love reading about your busy days. FBI, huh? That's strange. I love how you make the shrimp scampi. I will have to try that sometime. If the steps are all there, I will just come back to this post.

Hope the meeting went well. I know that you weren't looking forward to the redistricting before. Hope it went your way. Till' later...

Amanda said...

That's what I call a full day! Interesting too!

I want to come over for shrimp at your place. :)

Anonymous said...

Your probably breaking the law with that garlic breath. Many states have "blue book" laws about not going to public places with "garlic breath".

Congratulations to your neighbor. If the reports come back favorable then they most likely have a job with the FBI, but it's not always as interesting as it sounds or as depicted on crime shows. If crimes could be solved in an hour, then we could save more lives and spare more body bags.


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