25 February 2007

Just a quick chronicle of my morning. Woke up early. I always wind up paying for those shots of espresso, but I willingly pay the price. Made my coffee and went outside to pick up my newspaper. Thought how wrong the weather service was in their prediction for a wintry mix. It wasn't very cold outside. I looked around the garden for a minute before coming back inside. I took my coffee back to bed, and turned on my laptop. I caught up on reading and commenting on some of my blogs. I read a new one that I really enjoyed.

I spent too much time trying to make a South Park Me like Amanda did on her site. OK, I'll admit it. It looks just like me but without the glasses.

I watched some TV, got more coffee, talked on the phone with my Mom and then Kit for a while, and who knows what else, but time flew by. I happened to look out my window a minute ago and was amazed to see this site. Where'd all that snow come from? (and there better be school tomorrow!) Goes to show how much can happen when you're not paying attention. I've been up for 4 hours and am still in bed, with my laptop in front of me. That's my idea of luxury! With that said, it's time to head downstairs and get busy with something.


Kristen said...

Love the new blog you found! Thanks for sharing.

Amanda said...

What a wonderful Sunday morning! :) Your South Park Me is sooo pretty. I have to fight the urge to redo mine.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice morning so far.
Glad you met Rich at the Beantown Caffe, nice guy.

Cool, I wanna make a South Park me!!!

Your such a kind person Cheryl, I'm so happy that you continue to visit me!

Cheryl said...

kristen..there's so many good blogs out there. I found Rich while visiting Andrew's blog.

amanda..your South Park had a graphic tee. That's cool.

proxima..you are too kind. Thank you. I'll be looking for your South Park Me. It's fun to do.

Billy said...

Hey girl, what a perfect morning! I have a one every now and again. I do love the snowy picture.

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