24 February 2007

Yeah...today was Saturday. Like that's news. But it's the end of the week for me and therefore, my favorite. It was a great day at work. Good clients, I stayed on time, the sun was shining. Easy. I went to Border's afterwards. No line this week, which was nice. I stayed for a while, then headed home. When I got there I tried to ignore the sound that I knew was the beeping of a low battery on the smoke detector. It's so hard to get the battery out, but it had to be changed. That beeping can drive you crazy. I should just change them once a year like 'they' recommend.

I headed to the Nautilus Diner at 5:00 to meet Kit for dinner. She was there with a high school friend's mother. Marybeth, the friend, is living and teaching school in Kiev for a year. Check out her blog if you get a chance. We took this picture so she could see it. We had a lot to talk about, and didn't stop for a moment. Kit is intent on eating healthy so she had poached salmon and veggies. I was carefree and had a shrimp salad melt with french fries. It was good, but really, too many calories. I should have had salad and a dessert. I've always wanted dessert there. I'm always too full. By the time we left, the line to get in was well out the door.

I hung out on the couch tonight, mostly reading the newspapers that have been accumulating. I read almost a week's worth. I hate how long it took, but hate to throw away unread papers. Reading the newspaper shouldn't be a chore, but that's what it's become. I need to figure out what to do about my subscription. I know a lot of people read the news online; that might be the way to go. The good thing about hanging out and reading was that Emily was sitting beside me the whole time. She was on the laptop, but we were together.

Well, it's time to turn in and rest up for a new day.


Amanda said...

I'd have gone for the fatty stuff too. I figure, I can eat healthier at home. ;)

Perhaps you can switch your subscription to once/twice a week instead of daily? Some newspapers started offering this deal, when they realized that a lot of people have this problem.

I read the online versions and/or the ones who flutter in for free.

Anonymous said...

How is that diner Cheryl? It's right down the street from us, but we haven't been able to schedule a meal there yet! I am always curious as we drive by there.

Cheryl said...

amanda..that was good advice. I'll check about a part-time subscription.

ed..I love the diner and usually stay longer than the waitstaff would like. I try to make up for that by leaving a great tip.

Mary Beth said...

Cheryl--thanks for posting a picture of my mom! I'm trying to figure out how to forward it to her, also Patty in Germany. Is your sister in NC the one who helped me thru summer school algebra in 1970? I have fond memories of her. MB

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