25 February 2007

Why not one more?
I don't think I've ever posted 3 times in a day. Since today is so out of the ordinary, what with the weather and staying in all day, I thought I'd just keep going. I left the house for a short time to shovel my neighbor's driveway and walkways. She would have done the same for me, and I needed to get out of the house. The snow was really heavy and I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow. I hung out in my bedroom for most of the day. I watched the latest episode of 'What About Brian' on my laptop. I love that show. I think it's great that I don't have to set my VCR to record anymore. Most of what I like to watch can be found online after it airs. Also, there's something I find appealing about watching the show up close and personal...as in on my lap. The laptop coolpad I have works very well.

So, lazy day. I even took a bath. Read a book. Didn't really eat a meal. My plan for tonight? Watch the Academy Awards till the end. Tomorrow I'll get something done.


Billy said...

I love the fact that you posted more than once today. It gives me something to do in my oh so boring life. I would much rather read about what others are doing. I love the fact that ABC airs free episodes. I can watch a whole season if I want to. I usually catch up on Grey's Anatomy if I happen to miss it on Thursday nights. It's my favorite.

Well, enjoy getting something done tomorrow. I will be back to read about it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've had a busy blogging day!

I didn't know they had episodes on the internet! Just google for them???

Amanda said...

Lazy days are just as necessary as the other ones. Even though I like my job, I'd burn out if I'd only work.

Cheryl said...

abbagirl74...yesterday was a lazy day around the house but a busy day posting. That was a switch. I still have Jericho to catch up on.

susan...just go to abc.com, cbs.com, etc.. They all have full episodes.

amanda...I like the lazy days during the day. At night, I feel guilty about all the stuff I didn't do. Still...

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