02 February 2007

Mundane thoughts: something about coupons. I come from a coupon family. I grew up knowing you don't buy something expensive from the grocery store without a coupon or without it being on sale. This has been passed down to the kids in my family and to our children. You see, my mother was a cashier at a grocery store. She collected coupons. Growing up, we'd buy extra newspapers just for the coupons. I come from a very frugal family. Both of my parents worked for grocery stores. My dad was always a deli manager. They both worked hard, and were savers. They instilled that in all of us kids. All 4 of us, that is. I cut out coupons every Sunday. I don't use many, but I have them just in case. I'm always surprised when Emily asks me to buy something in the store that's full price and expensive, like fruit roll-ups, let's say. She knows how I am. I'm not going to spend $3 on snack food, but I'd spend $1.50. I save a lot of money that way. My sister was saying recently that sometimes her son would start to ask her to buy something, but then remember and say, 'oh, I forgot, we don't have a coupon.' She said when she dies, her tombstone will read, 'I had a coupon.' My mom used to be the coupon-clipper and shopper before she had her stroke. Now my father does it, and relishes the job. He clips the coupons and will go to 3 different supermarkets to buy the sales.

Any other coupon clippers out there?


Andrew said...

I waited all day for a post from you! :-)

I know how to be frugal. I pride myself in being so. I live on $837 dollars a month so I have to be. Strangely, I don't cut coupons though. I need to start doing that. You will have to share the ins and outs of doing so. I have never done it before.

Amanda said...

I love coupons! Unfortunately only a few businesses use them around here.

Dave said...

Nope I don't... Now my Mom was. I have no doubt however that I would save a ton of cash doing it. "When will I ever learn!"

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