01 February 2007

It was a busy day for a day off. I spent some time with my mother early in the day. We went to Panera Bread, one of our favorite places for lunch. I don't think I've ever had anything there that wasn't good. I think it's the only place in MD that has free wireless service, so there were a lot of laptops in sight. I'll never forget the first, and only time, I ever brought my laptop to Borders. I had recently gotten it, and though I didn't have any business I had to conduct there, I thought it would be cool to do some Internet stuff at my favorite place. I took the laptop out of it's case, feeling very obvious but trying to be nonchalant, and tried to get a connection. Couldn't do it. I felt kind of foolish, but walked over to someone using their computer to ask for help. I didn't realize you needed a paid subscription to use a T- Mobile Hot Spot. I slunk off to put the computer away, and that was that. I'd really rather be reading magazines in Borders anyway, so there. Continuing on with what I was saying before I got off track, I ran lots of errands while my Mom stayed in my car. She doesn't like to bother going in and out of the stores and is happy to wait for me. She's been working on the same People magazine for months. I won't bother with all the places I went after bringing her home. You'd be worn out too.

Emily and I sold something else on Craigslist today. We've made $42 so far. I don't think we'll get rich, but it is fun.

Time for a little TV...


Andrew said...

Take a break, kick your feet up, and enjoy your TV. Glad today went okay.

austere said...


I'd be mortified with the Borders thing.

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