11 February 2007

Sometimes I struggle with what to write. What can I say that's worth reading? Why am I doing this? That's sometimes. Tonight I feel like I could go on and on.

I'll start here > I didn't spend much time working on the house today but I did clear out a new area. I've saved fabric from anything I've ever sewed and it's taken up two large boxes. It was a heaping mess. I asked a client who is a FACS teacher (Family and Consumer Sciences-formally known as Home Ec) if she could use any fabric. She told me her class sews pillows for the homeless and could use all the fabric I could donate. I now have a tidy box of folded fabric for her, and an empty space in the basement.

I would have spent more time down 'there' but had promised to take Emily to the mall. She wanted a Valentine's shirt and had earned a 40% off day at her favorite store, American Eagle. We parked by Penny's and entered into the Junior department. We never shop there, and were surprised to find clothes that Emily loved. She found the perfect VD shirt, and other things that were well priced. We went to AE and Emily got a bunch of clothes. I think the store is so overpriced, but it's the brand the kids want. She used gift cards to pay for her purchases there. We went to the Apple store and took pictures.

I did a little food shopping at Trader Joe's, then headed home. I left soon after to pick up my friend Kit and head to our book club meeting. There were 12 of us there, and it was a gabfest! I'm telling you, we were loud. It had been about 6 weeks since we'd been together, and there was a lot of catching up to do. What could be better? A group of women who are so happy to be in each other's company and plate after plate of mouth-watering food. Did I mention wine and chocolate? I think we covered all the food groups. We did discuss the book, Saving Graces, and most everyone loved it. We chose our next book and will meet again in April.

Emily just came into my room to show me the fraying hem on one of the shirts from Penny's. No problem, we'll take it back sometime. I was not happy when she returned a few minutes later to show me the security ink tag they left on her Valentine's shirt. You know, one of those big round hard to miss plastic things? That really makes me mad. It means we'll have to go back to the mall tomorrow. Not what I had planned on.

I've spent the night watching the Grammy's. I love watching all the live performances. I'm glad The Dixie Chicks won so many awards. They deserved the recognition.

So, that's it for my day. I'm off tomorrow and am glad about that!


Dave said...

Cheryl, regarding what to write...I get like that at times. Sometimes I try too hard to think. It comes the easiest when I just write off the top off my head...the first thing that comes to my mind.

I enjoy what you write!

Regarding the Apple store... I should have known when I saw the "GO BEYOND VISTA" sign in the background! :-)

It is good to see a mother and daughter enjoying each other's company... :-)

Amanda said...

Love the pics! You are both beautiful!

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