12 February 2007

The trip to Penny's was successful. The manager was very accommodating. She took care of the two tops and refunded half of the purchase price for them. She also gave me a $5 gift card. Emily wound up buying a bathing suit while we were there. Only a teenager would be excited about trying on a bathing suit this time of year! You didn't see me lusting after the bikinis. We went out to Macaroni Grill for dinner afterwards. It was worth the trip.


Unknown said...

Good job at Penney's. Did you mean Macaroni Grill, where Emily likes plain pasta w/butter?

Amanda said...

Not quite ready to face the swimsuit section either. [Shudder]

Glad it worked out with Penney's!

Anonymous said...

That dessert on your last post looks yummy! It shoud be really nice to have a fresh basement when all the orgainzing is done. Maybe you'll have to do as my grandparents did and put in a secret "Speakeasy" down there.

Have a good Valentine's day tomorrow!

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