25 April 2007

I just checked on the weather for Thursday. Cloudy and 64. I'll take it. As long as we don't slide back to cold weather, the clouds will be fine. It could actually be a good day for planting if I can find the time. As I was thinking that thought, I imagined what my garden looks like, then remembered seeing all the ant hills that have planted themselves throughout. Why do ants make their homes where they do? Anyone know? I'll admit to pouring insecticide on those hills as I inspected the garden after work. They piss me off. That and the moles that burrow tunnels everywhere. And the groundhog. But, I digress. I'll look for some plants while I'm out tomorrow.

There's really not much to say about this day. I was very busy at work, which is always good. I stayed on time throughout, my clients were on time, and everything ran smoothly. I spent a quiet evening reading blogs and watching American Idol. I'm off tomorrow, which means I get to have my real coffee. I'll do lunch and errands with my mom, spend some time working outdoors, then head to Emily's softball game in the late afternoon. It should be a good day.


Anonymous said...

Who knows about ants? lol Growing up they were always in the house, that was fun. You've got all sorts of critters in your yard!

I've got to figure out what to plant this year...there's got to be something I can't kill!

Sarah said...

Cheryl, do you use the GrubX? I had a mole problem when we moved in here and I was told the moles eat grubs, so if you kill the grubs the moles go away. It worked!

captain corky said...

Can I spend the night in your backyard with my bb gun? I think I can help you. I hope you enjoyed your coffee today.

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