31 May 2007

If pictures could talk, what would this one say?

I've spent the last 2 hours watering my garden. It has to be thoroughly wet to apply the mole repellent I'll be putting down. Don't like moles, hate groundhogs. The fight is on!

I'm off to the folk's house for a few hours, then to the orthodontist and last softball game. I'll spend some time writing a 'real' post soon.


Anonymous said...

My oldest friend, my Native American sister and I call makeup application, "putting on the warpaint". Ha,ha,ha


Terroni said...

This one would say that your daughter is funny :>

Esmerelda said...

luv the picture....she's a trip

Billy said...

Go Em! Way to get your mom when she is putting on her face! Kidding! Your expression is priceless Em!

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