11 February 2008

I wonder if anyone notices me when I sit, alone, at a table at Panera's, typing away on my computer with a half smile on my face. Do they wonder who I am and what I'm doing? Just a thought. On my way to the restroom, I took notice of the many different people here. There appears to be at least three tables with book clubs. Two business meetings. Three tables of six people socializing. Five or six tables with a lone person on their laptop. From where I'm sitting, I can see three people with Starbucks cups. Lots of tables with two women. And with husbands and wives. There's been a line in front of the register the entire time I've been here, which has been at least an hour. What a vibrant place. My kind of place. I feel guilty though, because I should be at my mom's. I'm at the Panera's by her house and she probably thinks I'm at home getting ready. (Update..I just called her and said I'd be there in 30 minutes) Last night Emily said she'd be taking the bus. Oh. OK. So, I slept late, which for me was 6:58 AM. I got up, opened my bedroom door and saw Emily's was still closed. Her first time oversleeping! So, I rushed to get ready so I could get right on my way after bringing her to school. I've mentioned I'm a morning person, right?

I arrived at Kit's for the book club meeting yesterday about an hour before the start time so I could help out. Emily decided not to come. Kit's house was more clean and orderly than I've ever seen it. I'm telling you, everyone should have a party just to get their house in shape! (The shine has faded on my own. Maybe it's time I throw another party?) Had I mentioned she asked people to bring 'comfort' food? I'll try to recreate the offerings. I made a chipped beef dip served in a bread bowl. (If I've never posted the recipe, I should because it's a favorite.) There were crab balls with wasabi dip. Veggies and dip. Tomatoes and feta cheese. Deviled eggs. Lots and lots of wine. After about an hour, we sat down for dinner. Kit made the pot roast, which was fabulous. You really need to try The Pioneer Woman's recipe. There was mashed potato casserole, macaroni and cheese, a cheesy vegetable casserole, Greek salad and my fumi salad. For dessert there was Texas sheet cake and bread pudding with an amaretto sauce. After dinner and during dessert, we discussed the book. We actually spent quite a bit of time talking about it. We took a vote on the book and I'd estimate it was a split decision. We either hated it, thought it was just so so, or loved it. I was a so so. The best part was the thought provoking conversation. We left the meeting with an April date for the next one, and the promise that the book choice would be e-mailed to us. It's the first time that we didn't discuss the possibilities for the next book. I hope it's not a self-help one. Not my foray. Not saying I couldn't use help!

Yow! I was just on the phone and it ate up my last chunk of time here. I'll head over to the folks, cut my mom's hair, and maybe even watch a DVD on that 52" TV of theirs. Till the next time...


Dave said...

I think it is safe to say that people DO wonder what you are doing! LOL

I always wonder about that at our local William's Coffee Shop. I, however, have been in that position when I am working on my computer there as I notice people observing me as well. I try not to laugh too much as then, it just gets people talking about me... Oh well! LOL

Gin said...

I always look at people who are eating alone. I sit there and conjure up scenarios about them. I guess it's because I love to watch people! Now if they're laughing and they're on a computer, I would assume they are reading a funny blog, because that's usually what gets me laughing at the computer!


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I was thinking the same thing to myself when I was on the plane last week. I was typing a blog post in a word doc, and near me was a younger man typing something on his laptop..I thought I wondered if he was trying to read what I was typing, or rather, is he typing a word doc to post in his blog later on when we land and regain internet access? interesting thoughts, I do have to say so myself!!

I hope it isn't a selfhelp book, I am all for reading those at my own willingness, but generally have a problem when someone tells me to read it.

Enjoy the special time with your mom! Happy Monday, your weekend Sunday, and I'll catch up with you later on!! :)


Happyone said...

I'm always making up little senarios about people I see. :-)

All the food sounds yummy! Hard to choose what sounds best!!

I stopped at the library before to get Eat Pray Love, but there were no copies. I'll have to put it on my reserve list.

Portia said...

No wonder you're a fan of Mondays! It must be nice in a way to have a weekday off each week. That Panera's is a hopping place. Ours is always busy, but the one you describe sounds enormous AND busy. All of your bread bowls sound delicious to me, but especially that chipped beef dip! Mmm-Hmm:)

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

It reminded me of a Norman Rockwell picturesque (sp??)...
and just so you know, I feel the same way about you, and I'm so lucky to have grown our friendship!!
You brought a big smile to my face today, one that I could really use!! Beautiful, beautiful and I plan on framing it..and I know just the spot to place it!

Thank you so much!
so, what is Fumi?? :) And that wasabi dip, any chances you could email me the recipe??
thank you again!

Mo said...

Ok, I was not hungry until I read last night's bounty. Holy heck.

Guess what is in my travel briefcase to read on this round of trips? Yep, I should be able to finish Eat, Pray, Love this week. I'll be sure to let you know how I feel about it once finished.

fiwa said...

Dang! All that food and wine at your book club sounds so good!

I have to tell you, I went to a Panera's on Saturday in your honor. I had a cinammon roll and a vanilla late and thought about you. Man, their soups and sandwiches look so good! It is a nice place to hang out and read a book or type on your laptop. I like it. :)

Lena said...

So who picks the books that you read? Do you all take turns?

It sounded like a wonderful evening.


Jay said...

I bet if a person went to Panera's every single day for like a week you'd start seeing the same people all the time.

C.A. said...

I want to join your book club for the food alone! I'd so love to be able to go to Panera's and relax...I'm really jealous of your time there, LOL. It's such a nice way to spend part of your day.


Mary said...

I, too, watch people and wonder if they're happy and pray that they are. Several years ago I was in Florida on a business trip and called an old family friend. He insisted on taking me to dinner and dancing afterwards. (No, he was never a beau.) A table of five ladies, who were laughing and having a wonderful evening were seated close to our table by the dance floor. My friend and I began to speculate about who the ladies were and how they came to be in this particular place on this particular evening. We each had a different story. To my embarassment he got up, went to their table, introduced himself, and told them the stories we imagined. The five sisters loved it. We were both wrong but we all crowded around our table and had a wonderful rest of the evening.

Now that I've blogged in your space. I'll say, "Glad the book club dinner was a success. Maybe the next book will be a winner for all of you."

Martha said...

I always look at people and wonder what they're doing. I think they're probably wondering the same thing, too. I'm an avid people-watcher. I think it comes from being a therapist. Because I'm not a weird stalker!

Moohaa said...

I loved this post. Something about it was so relaxing. That party sounded wonderful. Yummy food, talking about a book. I am a huge book lover. I've thought about starting my own book club! Hmm.. maybe I should.

Also, someday when I get a laptop, I'm going to the nearest Starbucks or Barnes and Noble and I'm gonna chill out and blog. What a wonderful atmosphere to find inspiration for creativity.

You're an inspiration!

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