07 October 2007

I feel like I'm playing hooky. I'm at Caribou Coffee on a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning. I woke up early, after a very weird dream. I was at some exotic place, and a man said, let's jump in my helicopter and see it from the air. He was a military pilot. We wanted to see if the place was surrounded by water. The helicopter was on a pad in a large resort-type pool. We took off, there were 3 of us, and circled around. Then we went in for the landing. He miscalculated, and the helicopter slipped off the pad and into the pool, and immediately began to sink. As it was going underwater, I thought, there must be oxygen on board, or, the pilot would break the windows open so we could swim up, but in the meantime I'd have to take very shallow breaths to conserve my oxygen till I got out. I woke up, breathing very shallowly.

I'm heading back home now. Emily will still be sleeping. Not sure of our plans till later in the day. We're meeting at least 4 members of the family at a restaurant for Emily's birthday. Emily's boyfriend will be going with us, and it will be the first time he meets the family. Should be interesting. I'm sure I'll be taking pictures.

Have a great Sunday.


Rick Rockhill said...

Cheryl- back when I was single, I used to love to go to Caribou Coffee with my laptop, sit by the fireplace and relax with a cup of cawfee, watching people stroll by and getting lost in my writing. It was such a great way to whittle away an hour or two.

josie2shoes said...

Some dreams are so interesting, especially when you wake up in the middle of it... makes you wonder "what was that all about?"

Sounds like you have a lovely day planned, I'm glad that Emily's birthday is being very celebrated... ahh, to be that young again! :-)

josie2shoes said...

Cheryl, when I was about Emily's age, I had my mom paint my bedroom the color of your blog background. Everytime I come here it feels very much like home, I just realized why that is! :-)

Amanda said...

That was a cool dream. And a belated "Happy Birthday" for Emily! Have fun!

Jay said...

Fun dream until the drowning while stuck in a helicopter sinking in a pool thing.

We have a new coffee shop in town, but I keep forgetting about going there and checking it out.

beachgirl said...

Happy Birthday to Emily. How fun that your family gets to meet her boyfriend.
I am taking it easy today. I went for a short ride on my bike to the kids new house. They moved in yesterday. The dogs needed their toys and I felt like riding. It's windy out there today.
I'm not big into coffee shops. A riding friend liked to go to Starbucks. Then his bike was stolen. So no more Starbucks runs. He knew every Starbucks in South Florida I think.

I hope your enjoying your day.

Angelgirl said...

Hi cool blog love beth xx

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

hmmm, what a strange dream..perhaps a reminder to just take things slow, take your deep short breathes and be calm..course you already seem calm...
dreams...they really make you thinK! :)

bonnie said...

I think it is incredibly awesome how dreams take you through a process. How do they know where to go? How did the helicopter know to miss the pad, that it would be an important part of the dream. Makes me crazy to think we are that creative in our sleep.

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