20 October 2007

So much for the fancy shoes...
The girls wore flip flops. I can't say I blame them. Who decided women should totter on heels in the first place?

Emily and her BFF got ready here and we had FUN! I curled Morgan's hair, dryed Emily's, applied their make-up, and helped them dress. Emily's dad came over to take pictures. How nice of a dad is that? Unfortunately, Blogger is not allowing uploads at the moment, so I can't share the pics with you. I took many. Before we left, Morgan said, shouldn't we eat something? Duh! I made mozzarella sticks and bagels for the girls. Nice and filling. It was bittersweet dropping them off. I want them to have a great time, but I will worry till they come home. I'm just waiting for the call.


fiwa said...

Darn blogger. I hope they had a good time and got home safely for the pizza party.

heiresschild said...

i know the feeling of wanting them home safe. i remember the prom days. my daughter is 28 now, but she went to one when she was in the 11th grade, and her own in the 12th grade.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I know how that goes..from being on the opposite end and meeting the glares and frustrations from my parents back when I was in HS...

It sounds like the walls in your home absorbed quite a bit of memories this past saturday!!

What a blessing!

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