01 October 2007

OK...the pictures are uploading this morning. Here's an overhead view of the salon as the Cut-a-thon is getting started. This picture was taken from the loft office.

I'm getting a seated massage. The masseuse looked so familiar to me. It turns out I used to go to her house for massages at least 20 years ago. We never figured out how we met. She did a great job.

Me and the wonderful owners of my salon. Some people never post their pictures. I'm all over the place here. Wouldn't it be something if this wasn't really me and I've been fooling you all along, just to disguise my identity?

I had to rest up after I got home. Here's the view from my hammock. The weather was perfect. I'm so lucky to have a strand of trees in my backyard and the best place to hang a hammock from.

Lastly, me and the bird. Why does he have to land on my head all the time? It's hard to extract him from the curls. I would be so grossed out if he pooped on my head!

He likes my neighbor too, and is much more polite with her, thus the shoulder perch.

Well, time to head out to my parent's house. I wonder what adventures my mom and I will have today? I told her we could do whatever she wants, but no buffets.


Mary said...

Wish I had a hammock but have no desire to read Pride and Prejudice again. I struggled through it when school required it. Cliff Notes saved me more times than one.

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

I like that massage chair. Got to get me one of those.

Dave said...

That hammock reminds me of the one we used to have. It was a great place to rock the kids to sleeps when they were young.

Jay said...

You guys had a pretty good crowd for the cutathon. Cool.

Amanda said...

This is one cute and very sociable birdy. And he makes a great hat. :)

Portia said...

well it looks like he's family now!

Andrew said...

I so enjoy your pictures and know how much trouble it can be uploading and formatting these blog posts. THANK YOU. I am missing you today and hope your day has been well. Take care of yourself.

Your friend,


heiresschild said...

what a huge salon! i've had a couple of those massages before. loved them! would love relaxing in a hammock like that. what a blessing to have that location to hang it. i was 26 yrs when i had my daughter, so i don't think you were old at all when you had yours. you're still young. have a great week!

jAMiE said...

Wow, big salon..nice crowd, no wonder it was a success.

Have your named your new bird?

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I'm soooooo glad you have a camera!!
So, you kept the birdie, eh?
Any names yet?

What a fabulous idea, the cut-a-thon..and I LOVE your store..so clean and open and airy!!

Your boss for being much older has a very sophisticated look to him.. :) giggles between girls.

I think that you should call your bird,either, Mac (for the computer) OR, Folli (since he likes to delve his claws into your hair follicles! :)

Crusty~ :)

josie2shoes said...

What a treat to spend the day with you thru pictures - the Cut-A-Thon looked like great fun, and BTW... you are beautiful, right down to the toes in your hammock! :-)

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