07 October 2007

Only one of these guys wanted to stick around for pictures. I was leaving the Dunkin Donuts parking lot (getting an apple fritter for Em, yum) when I saw 2 groundhogs with their noses in this container. I pulled over and whipped out the camera. Seems I chased one of them away. I'm just glad they're not hanging out in my cul-de-sac anymore.

I spent hours cleaning my car. I felt like a professional detailer, trying to get in every nook and cranny. Factory clean. The only thing left to do is use Rainex on the windows. I love that stuff. When it rains, the water just runs down the windshield in rivulets. You don't even need your wipers. It's distracting cause it's fun to watch. Anyway, I listened to my audio book as I worked. That was great. I'm listening to the new book by a favorite author, Elizabeth Berg.

We went out to dinner sans boyfriend. He was nervous; I don't blame him. He'll meet the family soon enough. We went to On The Border. Good Mexican food. I sneaked in a cake for Emily. Unfortunately, part of my writing stuck to the top of the box. We sang. The birthday is officially over. Decorations packed. I hope it seems like a long time till the next birthday.

When I got home, I had a burst of energy and vacuumed the whole house. Then I cleaned the wood floors. And used a spot cleaner on the spots on the carpet. And read the paper. It felt good to be done with those chores.

Was it hot out your way? It hit 92 today, only 2 degrees under the record set in 1941. It's supposed to be 90 tomorrow. Crazy.

I'll be at my folks tomorrow, doing my mom's cut and color. This will be the first time in a while that I'm doing it before it looks bad. Really, she shouldn't have to wait. We'll go out to lunch afterwards. Our old routine that we haven't done for a while. I'm still staying away from buffets.

A word about that no name pesky bird. He frayed the cord to my laptop. Bad bird. Where in the world is his real owner?

And this is the end of this rambling post. G'night.


Happyone said...

You certainly had a busy day.
I love that Rainex too!! Really cool stuff!!
A new On the Border is just about to open down my way. I've never eaten at one before. Will have to give it a try.
I'd better get to bed too. It's 12:00!

Jamie said...

Good heavens, I could relate to your whole post---I love the photos of the groundhogs--how sweet. And rainex IS awesome, I find myself watching IT and not the road. I used to come home late on Sunday night and do housework when I was young and single, too. It seemed the time to do stuff, back then, I had so much more energy. I remember young love with my kids, and how the boyfriends/girlfriends would plan on coming to family affairs, then chicken out---too much pressuure, I guess. Very intimidating. Anyway, thanks for a great read, and have a wonderful week.

Mary said...

The posts about spending time with your mother are precious. You are building wonderful memories that will comfort you at some time in the distant future. I wish my mother was here to correct my every move and laugh with me when I "trip-up". (Her words for making mistakes.)

Maybe Bird frayed too many cords at his previous home and that's why he was homeless. I like birds but they are high maintenance pets when you consider how much time it takes to clean up after them and keep them out of trouble.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

HEY LOOK! YOU Can see the groundhog's shadow!! :)

Awww, Happy Birthday EM!! How are you holding up, mom? Does the time really fly by?

Thanks for the shared coffee this morning...dunkin donuts has a way with me!

Anonymous said...

Not only do the small creatures adore you at your house, they are now starting to show themselves to you everywhere!

I've never tried Rainex, I'll have to hunt some down.

Jay said...

Hey! Look at that rat! LOL

Groundhogs are much nicer than rats. But, I don't think I would pet them anyway. ;-)

bonnie said...

I love pictures of ANY animals. They always make me squishy, (awwwww). I like Elizabeth Berg too. I need to pick up another of her books. I can only seem to do audio books these days. Love em.

fiwa said...

Wow- you were on a cleaning binge! Maybe some of that will rub off on me. Nah... probably not. I bet it feels good though, to have all that done and behind you.

Hmmm...mexican food and cake. Now I'm hungry!

Anonymous said...

That reminds me. I definately need to get the Rainex on our windows too. No 92 degree weather here! Nothing but rain, rain, rain in the 50's/60's range, and foggy in the am.

Bad bird! Can you just fix the cord with electrical tape maybe? Aside from Duct tape, it is the other greatest tape ever invented I think. :)


Amanda said...

Cute pictures! 90° huh? I knew someone was hogging all of that good weather. Pun intended. :)

I'd call him Chunker.

SOUL said...

you are sure full of energy! wanna come clean my car and house???
geesh, i got tired just readin about it :)))

love the groundhog.. aren't they cute?

have a good nite.

Summer said...

What boyfriend?
Whose boyfriend?

josie2shoes said...

A lovely post, a beautiful daughter, and an adorable groundhog! :-) Wow, I wish that cleaning streak was contagious, my place could definitely use some detailing!

I think the new "real owner" of that bird has been found! ;-) Does he have a name yet?

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