06 October 2007

I thought I'd write a long post tonight, but, that didn't happen.

It was an easy day at work. And, one of my clients left me a $25 gift card to Starbucks as a tip! Wasn't that wonderful? And, I got off early. I spent a long, leisurely time at Border's. I even read 2 magazines while I was there. I came home and Emily arrived shortly after. I took her and 2 friends to the go cart place. My friend Kit met me and we hung out and watched. We left for a while, and went to McDonald's. I was really craving a caramel sundae, and justified it by the small amount of food I'd eaten during the day. The McDonald's was newly redecorated in beiges and moss green with lots of wood accents. Very earthy. They even have free wireless. Imagine that.


Jamie said...

It sounds like a wonderful Saturday. I have heard that McDondalds is going to go beyond premium coffee soon, with cappicino and espresso soon, they are trying to get in the groove. Have a great Sunday!

Summer said...

Caramel sundaes from McDonald's are da bomb!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

does your mickieD's have those stupid outdoor stereo speakers out near the drivethru? I mean, what car now a days doesn't come equipped with their own radio? Such a waste of money...

BuT!! Their fries..oh Lordie their fries..and vanilla shakes and cinnamuffin things..yum!!

A giftcard for sbux? WOW! THat's a nice tip!

Hey, maybe you could answer this question: I had my hair cut by the owner of a salon..it's a two man operation without anyother employee's..the guy, James,the owner I had met at my friends going away party was their neighbor..so, I called him up and made an appt.
My longwinded question would be:
Because he's the owner, do I need to tip him?
I did, actually, and gave him a $20tip cause the cost of the color and cut was far under the norm..*(usually goes for about $160-179 around here at respective salons) He charged me in the 80's.


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