18 October 2007

That's me and my best friend. We played BHS today, and it's tradition to wear a white polo and tie against them...

Hey guys,
Long time no post right?! I know you guys miss me SO MUCH, but I've just been so busy with field hockey lately, I couldn't write. :]

Ok so, we played our last game tonight, against BHS, the undefeated team in the county. We lost 10-0, but it was the first time we had played on turf...
Pretty cool, but I always think we can do better than we do. Whatever, hopefully next season the girls we be more tolerant. So, you liked my eighties day outfit?? :D So did everyone at school! JD didn't seem to like it as much as me, HHA! But yeah, thanks for all the happy birthdays also, it was amazing. Ok so, I'm really tired! We got back from the game at ten. Bed time, leave me comments and I'll write again, okkkk?

p.s. You should go listen to this song by Kevin Michael, it's called It don't make any difference to me. It totally reminds me of J.D. and I, but besides that it's a nice song.



Cheryl said...

What a surprise to come to your own blog and find something you didn't write. My daughter does that from time to time. Hi Em! You've had such a good attitude with your games, and I've been really proud of you. It's all over now. I wonder what sport you'll do next? Are you ready for homecoming pictures tomorrow?

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

VEry cool! You have a great mom, Em..and Cheryl, you have a great daughter!!
I'm sorry you lost the game, but the memories are built and look at how strong your friendship is with your BF!!
Have fun at HOmecoming..ahhhh..to be young again!
Be safe, please!
hmm, Kevin Michael, sounds like one of the names of my old 1980's cabbage patch kids..hahah..

Happyone said...

Too bad about the game :-( but there is always next season. Your mom's right you have a good attitude. Have fun at Homecoming!! I'll check out that Kevin Michael song.

fiwa said...

lol... your friend looks like she's out for blood! I hope we get to see the homecoming pictures, I've been looking forward to them all week.

Terroni said...

The most fun I had in high school I had with the swim team.
Live it up, Em!

Portia said...

Great picture! And yes, great attitude. It was really fun to read about your homecoming season. Have a wonderful weekend:)

bonnie said...
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