17 October 2007

It's 80's Day

It's spirit week at Emily's school, leading up to Homecoming on Saturday. She went shopping with her father last night and bought this outfit. She was so excited about it. That's what spirit week is about. I forgot to ask her if her friends are dressing up. I thought she looked really cute in her outfit with her hair in a side ponytail. While shopping, her dad also bought Emily a beautiful dress to wear to Homecoming. She and I bought one weeks ago, but she tried it on yesterday and didn't like the way it fit. Her dad is a good shopper, and very generous. He has good taste too. We'll run around looking for shoes tonight. Nothing like waiting till the last minute.

Time for another day at work. Happy Wednesday!


Mary said...

Cute outfit, beautiful young lady. I know you're proud. Also, glad to know that dad participates - so many don't. Can't wait to see the homecoming dress. Perhaps we might see both dresses modeled? Good occasion for bloggers voting.

Happyone said...

Emily looks really cool in her new outfit. Mary has a good idea about her modeling both dresses. :-)

fiwa said...

That's a great 80's outfit! Homecoming, how fun. I hope we get to see the dress! Good luck finding the shoes. :)

fiwa said...
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CRUSTY MOM-E said...

The funny thing is, she looks so hip!! If I didn't know this was a theme week at her HS, I'd say she looks adorable. I see so many young ladies in my neighborhood wearing the jeanskirt/leggings...

I have a trunk load of onld 80's clothes I'd be happy to send out..lets see, I was born in 1975,..so that'd make the eighties my grade school Jr high Days.. :)

DSW For shoes!!

Portia said...

Ha! I remember spirit week...every day a different theme. How fun:) She looks great, and I hope you are both having a wonderful day.

Jay said...

I remember spirit week back when I was in school. There was a different thing going on each day. Pep rallies, talent shows and all that stuff. Fun times!

TAG said...

Last minute? Cheryl, two whole days before she needs something isn't last minute. You're lucky she didn't come home from school on Friday and say:

"Mom, I need an 80's outfit to wear to homecoming tonight."

Either way, you've done good.


captain corky said...

Her outfit makes me want to sing the song Mickey by Toni Basil.

azure said...

Is the homecoming dance this weekend? Naomi's was this past weekend, I will probably post a picture tomorrow. (today I went for the blurry football picture) Cute outfit!

Moohaa said...

That picture sure brings back a lot of memories. I hope she has a lot of fun. Spirit week was always a blast.

SOUL said...

she's a cute girl...and i agree... it's so great her dad is willing to do things with her... and to SHOP? geesh.. a miracle these days. i really love to gear about the "good guys". it's kinda rare lately. lucky girl.
lucky YOU.

this made me think about how i dressed in the 80's/// ummm, well, it was a kinda scary flashback, in comparison. first--- i would have never been caught dead in a skirt.. much less a short skirt. (although yur girl is adorable... and even mine pulls it off nicely--raised by ME, that's a blessing!)
but my 80's years in school... big ole bell bottom jeans and t-shirts- all the way. of course the occasional tie die. tom boy city. makes me sorta glad i was out of school before all the hoopla of homecoming and prom and all that...but of course... now that i'm "old"... i do wish i had those memories to pass on.
all i can say when the subject comes up is "i didn't go".
if i don't elaborate- people just think i was too hideous to get a date. hahaha. i just wasn't there...although.. i was a bit chunky as well. soo..it coulda gone either either way.

anyhow... i better quit bloggin in your box.
have a great day.
the weekend is on the way. :))

Summer said...

Damn she is just so CUTE!

Amanda said...

Move over Punky Brewster! :)

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