25 December 2007

And here it is, Christmas Day. Some of you are busy cooking. Opening presents. Relaxing. Traveling. I hope that whatever you do today, that you find some happiness in it.

Thought I'd post some pictures for you. Here's one of my Christmas card.

So I woke up at 6:00. Showered, did my hair and makeup, then put my pajamas back on. Hey, there's pictures involved in this day and I look much better with some 'help.' I got my breakfast casserole in the oven (Blintz casserole. It was outstanding and I'll post the recipe if anyone asks for it), finished wrapping gifts, wrote Santa's annual letter to Emily, and cleaned up a bit. Emily woke at about 9:00 and we opened our gifts. Then I picked up JD so he could spend a little time with Emily.

She was thrilled to get the Wii. She was expecting an IOU for it, and I was so happy that she was surprised. We set it up right away, then she and JD played tennis on it for a while.

I got two great gifts from Emily. Here's the first, a digital kitchen scale. Just what I wanted.

Could that be my surprise gift in there. A tripod? Yes!

We used the tripod and the self-timer to take this. Me and my 'kids.'

A few of me and Em.

She thinks she's as tall as me. Not yet.

Emily and her dad. We take this shot every year when he picks her up.

After JD went home, Em and I went to my neighbor Kelly's, as we do every year. I brought the casserole and presents. We exchange gifts with Kelly, her daughter Natalie, her sister Erin and her partner Kasey, our friend Barbara, Kelly's boyfriend Mike, and Kelly's step-father. We share this with them every year. Emily and I wear matching PJ's and pearls every year, and always show up dressed like that. This year we bucked tradition but kept the pearls. Emily and I came home so she could get ready to be picked up by her father. They took the Wii. Em doesn't know it, but he is giving her a Wii game package. Emily will spend the night and come home tomorrow afternoon. My parents and sister will be here any minute now. We will all go to Kelly's where we'll enjoy an afternoon of good friends and neighbors, to say nothing of a many-course prime rib dinner. Whew!

I'm so glad I found the time to write, and relax. Alas, it's time to get moving again!


Happyone said...

Looks like you are having a great day. All the pictures are wonderful.
I'm glad you get to be the guest this afternoon. You deserve it, you've done so much!!
I want to thank you for all the nice comments you leave on my blog. I am happy to be one of your blogging friends.
May you have a blessed New Year.

Andrew said...

Always a pleasure to get pictures from you. I am jealous of the Wii. I have always loved video games and would love to try it! Emily is lucky. I bet it was hard to get for Christmas!

Mary said...

I'd love to have the recipe. Always looking for something different and make-ahead. Thanks for posting pictures. Will check back later. I'm being paged.

Mo said...

Awesome card! Putting me to shame oh yes you are. (NOTE: I posted mine as you requested a week or so ago.)

Great pictures! Tripods sure are handy.

I wanna come over and play with the wii and have some of your great cooking.

Enjoy your night and relish in being the guest. You deserve it!

TAG said...

Most excellent photos. As for the Wii. My son found one from "Santa" this morning. We've been having fun with it all day.

We even took it to my mom's house for the afternoon. It's amazing how mean a 78 year old woman can be in the boxing ring. :)) My son knocked out his opponant in 2 rounds. My daughter in 3 rounds. I got a decision at the end of 3 rounds. Mom, knocked the guy out just over 1 minute into the first round.

The moral of the story, don't mess with mom. Of course, I'm sure that moral applies at your house too.

Merry Christmas Cheryl.


annabkrr said...

That card is simply gorgeous!! Very artistic! Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas.

SOUL said...

sounds like a really great day for all of you
merry christmas

Summer said...

I love the card and the pictures. It sounded like the perfect day.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl, Thanks!! I have the ingredients in freezer/fridge. Think I'll bake it tomorrow morning.

Glad to hear you're in PJs and resting. It's overdue.

Lena said...

The card was just beautiful!!

I also enjoyed the pictures.

I was happy for you that you were going to be a guest today, you deserved a day to just plain enjoy!

Take care,

Brad said...

Merry Christmas ! Looks like you guys had fun !

Gin said...

Wonderful family pix!

I just love your blog, it's always so positive and upbeat!!

Merry, merry Christmas,


Jamie said...

What a wonderful post, Cheryl. Thank you for the photos--I love seeing you and Emily. PJ's and pearls? I love it!

Have a good day today, too. :)

captain corky said...

You guys got a Wii? Sweet! I must convince my wife to let me get one. ;)

Portia said...

Wonderful pictures! It sounds like a perfect Christmas morning. Nothing like a little prime rib to top it all off:)

heiresschild said...

hi Cheryl, i'm so glad you all had a very good day!

my link info has changed, so when you click on my name, it'll take you to my blog and you can get the new link info there. the present link no longer works for me.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Thanks for sharing with us your Christmas Day. You guys look so happy. Have a blessed new year too.

Esmerelda said...

I love the Wii!!

It's so hard to work from home, knowing it's there...calling my name.....

See you FRIDAY!!

jAMiE said...

You all look so happy and healthy...that's wonderful. I am glad you had such a good time with friends, family and loved ones.

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