03 December 2007


I got home from my shopping trip at about 1:30. My ex came over at 2:30 to help me with my IRA accounts. He's always followed the market and managed his own investments. Not my forte. In fact, I was dismayed to find that I've been charged a $40 quarterly service charge by E-trade for almost 3 years because the account was inactive. I had asked him to look at my stock as an afterthought. I bought some Lowe's stock in 2005 and just let it sit. I've made about $60 a year in dividends, and lost $160 in fees. Great. I'm closing that account out and I've learned a hard lesson.

I cooked a real meal again tonight. Two in a row. I made 'unfried' chicken strips that were very good. I made broccoli with garlic that was not good. It had lots of fresh garlic, olive oil, lemon and red pepper flakes. All you could taste was the red pepper. Too hot. We rounded out the meal with mac and cheese. Emily had a banana instead of the broccoli. It felt like I was in the kitchen for 4 hours again! I'm out of practice. Here's something funny. I told Emily I bought frozen shrimp yesterday and left it in my car overnight by mistake. I told her it was fine because it was so cold out. She said, I'm so tired of shrimp. When are you going to buy some chicken!!? I keep forgetting she's not a vegetarian anymore. I bought the chicken.

Emily and I have almost the same camera and she was showing me the time-lapse video feature. Then she showed me how easy it is to upload through onetruemedia.com. So, I present you with a funny time-lapse run through my house.


bonnie said...

Any way to slow this puppy down? Yikes. That was like an amusement ride :)

So the chicken was okay? 4 hours sounds about right. But with your org. skills, you'll cut it down in no time. Don't give up. Ya win some, ya lose some. It's okay to start slow too. I'd hate to see you burn out this new interest. nigh nigh Cheryl.

Summer said...

When did Emily start eating meat again?

I'm with Bonnie...can you slow it down?

Lena said...

That sure was fast, lol... your home is beautiful!

Cheryl said...

It's supposed to be fast. It's a peek! I'll take a real-time one soon. This video was 2 minutes long, but it got condensed to 10 seconds. I think that's so fun!

Em started eating meat about a week or two ago. Yes! She just found there was nothing for her to eat. I'm glad that she'll have a balanced diet again. No more tofu.

Mary said...

Good for Em. Neat time-lapse. I cold see that Christmas is happening at your house. You have a sophisticated sense of style. I can't wait to see the real-time version.

Jay said...

It's probably good that she went back to eating meat. I always get concerned about kids who don't eat a really balanced diet. I know all the vegans and vegetarians say that you can all the nutrients you need through supplements and "fake meat" but I just don't buy that for kids.

Cool video. I'm gonna have to try that site out.

Moohaa said...

That was a fun video. I almost felt like I was watching it after a quad shot espresso. lol. Fun though!

Jamie said...

I love it! Your home is beautiful, and yes, slow it down next time so we can see all of it!

I think your dinner sounds wonderful. In fact, any dinner sounds great! I think I am getting tired of deli-cooked rotisserie chicken, finally.

Have a good week!

captain corky said...

"I made 'unfried' chicken strips that were very good."

Is that really possible?

Thanks for look in! Very neat.

Jim Baker said...

YES! I love the time lapse... i think it was a fine speed, its good though because you left everyone wanting more. i love your last picture of you in there. :)

I really wanna get into time lapse photography I found this guys site and it BLOWS me away...

yay for meat.... i love meat. haha

have a great day!
jim baker

Ilene said...

Fun video. I think it is time for a nice, juicy steak for Em, just like she used to love.

Happyone said...

The video was really cool. I think I'll check out that link.
I've taken a of couple video's with my camera and just can't seem to upload it on my blog. It says its done but the little thing just keeps going round and round and nothing happens.

A Slice of My Life said...

Wow, they sure took a chunk out of your investments. I'll have to take a peek at ours and see what's going on with that. What does inactive mean? You had money in there..

Fun video, I liked the open mouth face towards the end...like get me off of this crazy ride!

Susan at A Slice of Life

Portia said...

Eek. The server lost my comment. I'll try again..
What a lovely home! I love the time lapse effect, and glad to know it was your camera because I would have been disappointed when I got to onetruemedia:)
It's a shame investments can be such a crock. I have heard of an inactive account fee, but $120 a year??? They must be counting on those inactive account statements not being reviewed. Completely sick.
I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Portia said...

hehee...my math got lost with the server...oops:)

fiwa said...

I bet that's making cooking so much easier on you now that she's eating meat again.

The video clip cracked me up - specially you at the end. :)

Andrew said...

I got the biggest smile out of you at the end of that video clip. I thought of you tonight when I was standing outside trying to get a good shot of sunset. I thought, Cheryl would be doing something like this as well. It made me smile..

Anonymous said...

The time lapse thing was fun!

I tried eating chicken earlier this summer, but it just wasn't doing anything for me, so I gave up. I'm happy being a vegetarian who occasionally eats fish, but it's not the best diet for everyone.

My cooking bible is: Vegetarian Times: Low Fat and Fast in 30-mins. I think it is a great cookbook even for non-vegetarians.
Yummy and healthy!

Jamie said...

No post? How was your "Monday"?

Have a good day today!

Summer said...

Is it snowing over your way this morning? Andrew is going to be pea green with envy!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

HAHAH! That's so cute! I love the video!!

Anonymous said...

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