26 December 2007

I'll start by saying how happy I am to be at home today. In my pajamas and robe in the middle of the day. It's raining and dark outside, but nice and bright here in my family room. I've had banana cream pie and apple pie for breakfast and lunch, but not too much. I opened all my gifts from my clients while listening to a John Mayer CD. I had a nice, long phone conversation with my sister Ilene in GA. I've been home alone until 10 minutes ago when Emily's dad brought her back home. I don't plan on getting dressed or doing one thing around the house. I think I'll write my thank you notes for all the gifts I received because I'll enjoy that. I'll catch up on the newspapers. Not so lofty plans.

Here's some pictures from my father's birthday party....

The table is pushed back and dessert is displayed.

A close up.

Appetizers anyone?

JD's first time at a family gathering.

Time to eat!

Happy Birthday. Make a wish!

Me and the folks.

My brother's kids with Grandpa.

Guess who?

My nephew and his girlfriend. What a cute pair.

The only ones to carry on the family name.

My mom cracking up. She does that a lot.

My sister Lisa's boys.

My brother, me, father, and sister.

My brother Steve and his family.

My parents with six of their grands. The other five live out of state and were missed.

A great time was had by all. I think this day meant the world to my father.

Well, Em's been waiting for me to finish up here so I can play the Wii for the first time. First I have to pick up JD. Yes, in my pajamas. Later!


Jay said...

Lots of great pictures. Big family gatherings are so much fun. Well, if everybody gets along they are. LOL ;-)

Mary said...

An absolutely lovely family. You have so much to be thankful for and proud of.

Billy said...

John Mayer - what a great choice. Looks like a grand time! You have such a large family. I love it!

Kelly said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the day! Looks like a fun birthday party too!

dawn said...

it is weird how much your sister's sons look like your brother. enjoy your evening in your pjs.

Gin said...

Cool pix! I love family gatherings like this.

I had a pj day today too. Did NOTHING all day...I've been looking forward to this day for weeks!


Mo said...

Great looking family.

Enjoy your day in the pj's. I love those kind of days.

We should all have more of them.

Summer said...

LOL! I love your Pajama Day!

Lena said...

Great pictures, special times!! What a beautiful family.

How did your dad like the video?

Happyone said...

The good news is that you had two servings of fruit!! Did you have pumpkin pie for dinner? :-)
Nice pictures of your family. Looks like all had a great time.

Jamie said...

You have the biggest and best family ever! You all have so much fun...

I want to drive in my pajamas, too!

Have a great day today!

Casdok said...

How lovely! Greta photos!

Real Live Lesbian said...

What fantastic pics! Looks like a wonderful day...especially for Dad!

jAMiE said...

I hope you enjoy your day in your jammies...i love those kinds of days!

Amanda said...

Loved your post and the great pictures!

fiwa said...

Emily has the most beautiful smile, she just looks like she has a sunny personality. Wonder where she gets that from? ;)

I hope you enjoyed your day in the p.js.

heiresschild said...

great pics of your beautiful family Cheryl!

(M)ary said...

happy belated birthday to your dad...is he really 80? he looks much younger in the pictures!

(M)ary said...

happy belated birthday to your dad...is he really 80? he looks much younger in the pictures!

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