05 December 2007

I think the Christmas lights shining through the snow make the shrubs look like glowing cupcakes. We had 3" of the white stuff and it's beautiful outside.

BTW, in my last post I mentioned people running out to get their whites. I meant toilet paper, bread and milk. You know, what you need when it snows.


Andrew said...

That has to be the most beautiful photo I have seen all week! Thank you for tintilizing this snowless snowbird in Alabama. I made that my desktop background for the week if you don't mind.

Jay said...

Very cool pic!!

Moohaa said...

What an awesome picture!! How neat to walk outside and see that.

No snow for us here in the Northwest. Thank goodness.

I was wondering what the "whites" referred to. LOL

TAG said...

Ok Cheryl. I have what I hope turns into a money making idea for you. But of course, we'll have to test my idea on me for free to see if it works. LOL

Anyway, I'd like your permission to use this photo as a background for some powerpoint presentations I've been working on. I think it will work well.

So how could this be a money maker for you? Well, you could offer it for sale as a background. The price need not be high. Lets say you ask 10 cents per presentation. If it gets used in 10 million presentations that's a million dollars right there. Woo hoo.

When you are extra rich I'll expect a nice thank you for the idea.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


Lena said...

Hi Cheryl.

This photo is so beautiful and magical. I love it. You have quite an eye!

We have only had ice no real snow fall, yet.

take care,

Cheryl said...

We have to thank Emily for the picture. Reading these comments makes me want to go outside and take more.

Hey TAG...I'd love to be a millionaire. LOL.

captain corky said...

I'm really jealous. I want some snow!

dawn said...

i love this, cheryl!
they totally look like iced cupcakes with sprinkles.

Jamie said...

I love that line!

Great photo, too.

Have a good day, today!

Summer said...


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I saw this pic on andrew's post and I thought to myself how beautiful that was. I love the lights..It looks like big fruitcake muffins!! :)
SNOW SNOW and more snow..yesterday and tuesday brought about 5+inches and looks like we'll be getting more..and it'll all head out east to you-get ready!! :)

PipeTobacco said...

Hello Cheryl:

Yes, it is indeed a lovely photograph! The phrase "getting their whites" is one that we use here as well. It is nice to have and learn all the various regional colloquial phrases. To me it is one of the most enjoyable aspects of reading new blogs in different areas.

Thank you again for the imagery... both in words and in pictures.


Dave said...

Sometimes the unplanned things can look even more beautiful once nature adds it bit.

heiresschild said...

hi cheryl, it is a beautiful pic and i'm sure the view is even more beautiful in person. actually, i was quite surprised by the snow and that it even continued into the nite, but i'm the kind of person that will go out in the snow if i have to. it really doesn't bother me. i stayed in yesterday though and enjoyed the view from my window.

it always makes me laugh how people run out to the store and buy almost everything on the shelves when they "s" word is mentioned. LOL enjoy!

Happyone said...

It really does look like cupcakes! :-)
Great photo!

Billy said...

Yes, many crazy people were out getting their whites today. What nuts some of them are. People don't know how to drive!

Terroni said...

Your shrubs look delicious, Cheryl :>

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