31 December 2007

The last day of 2007 has been a really good one. I went from last night where I ate too much and felt like a total couch potato, to waking up and being busy all day. I need a little of both. So, all but the big Christmas tree is put away. The thought of all that had to be done was much more intimidating that the actual doing. The big job is really the tree, and I'm waiting for Emily's help.

We did our usual New Year's Eve activity...an early movie, then dinner at Remomo's at Arundel Mills. We saw The Kite Runner. I would highly recommend it; I think it's an important movie. If you read the book, and loved it, you'll love the movie. I'm just chilling out in my pj's and robe, and the kids are watching Fantastic 4. I made my last banana cream pie of 2007. I'll bring that and Fumi salad to my parent's house tomorrow when we get together for New Year's Day. My mother ordered a deli platter with all the fixings, and she's really excited about entertaining the family.

I'm not much on resolutions. For years I had the same one: clean the basement. I finally accomplished that this year, and it was a huge job. This year I'd like to clean out my bedroom walk-in closet, along with all the other closets. I also need to have a will made. All do-able, and it's time.

I wish all of you a new year of health, happiness and laughter.


My World said...

" Happy New Year "

Peace Cheryl,

William... :)

Mo said...

Glad you had a good day.

Happy New Year to you and yours. I am about to sit down at my creating table and make some cards. In my pjs.

Funny you mentioned needing to make a will. This is one of the weekly challenges for the year.

I was trying to do more mental and emotional based ones through the holidays but we are back in action mode next Sunday.

Hope you have a great day with the family tomorrow.

Mo said...

I'm making a card for you but no address yet...if you didn't get my email, please let me know and I will resend it.

I want to start the year off with the card exchange. :)

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Happy New Year Cheryl!!

Moohaa said...

I'm glad you had such a productive day. Relax now!

Happy New Year!!!

heiresschild said...


Dave said...

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to offer your condolences and giving me the encouragement that I needed at this time. I hope you have a Happy New Year! :-)

Rick Rockhill said...

good job! I HATE packing away all the christmas stuff!

Happy New Year to you and the family Cheryl.


Summer said...

I admire you for getting the decorations down. I need to start here as the new carpet goes in next week. Why did I tell them so soon after Christmas????

Happy New Year and have fun today!

beachgirl said...

It's official now.

HAPPY 2008




Mary said...

Hope the first family gathering of 2008 is a fun time for all. Banana cream pie - oh my - what a wonderful way to start the new year.

Happy New Year!!!

dawn said...

hey, sweet girl.
ooh, i have that movie in my queue already. it looks really great.

i am excited about your basement endeavor. you will totally get it done. what is your goal with it? can you use it as another room?

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I have a strong feeling this year of 08 will find you with a new love!
Happy New Years Dear Cheryl!

I can't wait to see that movie, I loved the book!!


heiresschild said...

Cheryl, i just looked at my "recipes" tab on my blog and saw your comments. please feel free to put one on your blog. i'd love to see some of your recipes also.

this is to "crustybeef"--as long as you prophesying new loves, do you see one in my life for this year? LOL

SOUL said...

that sounds like a good day, and good easy reachable goals... how was your yesterday and last night?
i think i realized i'm gettin too old for new years.
have a great day.

Rising Rainbow said...

oh you've reminded me that i need to get a will made too. Thanks! With all of these registered horses it wouldn't be good if something happened to me and I hadn't gotten one done.

I don't do resolutions either but sure do need to get this taken care of this year, and soon would be good.

captain corky said...

Happy New Year Cheryl! I think we should both make a resolution to drink more coffee. Sound good to you? ;)

bonnie said...

Oh yea, the will thing. I still don't have one. I think I'm superstitious. Do you think you'll be making one of those pies early in '08? I can't be around too many cream pies without looking like one.

Portia said...

Thank you Cheryl, I wish the same for you in 2008!

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