07 December 2007

I just finished reading my book club book, Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin. I really should say re-reading as I read it almost two years ago. I have to say I liked it better the first time around, and hope the other members like it since it's their first. I listen to audio books constantly, but just haven't had the time to read books at home. The computer might have something to do with that. You think?

It was busy, busy at work today. My first client tomorrow, a highlight, had to cancel, so I blocked myself off to start at 9:30 instead of 8:00. That'll be a treat, although when I don't work I don't get paid. Sometimes that's OK.

It promises to be a busy weekend. I'll be at my brother's tomorrow night with the rest of my family. When I get home I'll make my famous Banana Cream Pie. I'll take a picture of that and post the recipe. It is simply, unbelievably, heavenly. If I was stranded on a desert island and could only eat one food, I'd choose that. It's really that good. Really. OK...back to reality. I'll spend the early part of Sunday getting the house ready for my book club holiday get-together that starts at 3:00. I just love having a house full of people, and these ladies are the best.

Well, it's getting close to 9:30 and this tired girl is going to bed. Later!


Andrew said...

I eagerly await you banana cream pie recipe. If it is anything like my father's banana pudding recipe, I will love it. Sleep tight tonight and thank you for sharing your day with us. You don't know what is means to get a post from you.

A blogging friend,

Jonathon Andrew

Portia said...

I already think I will be trying that pie recipe out:) I hope you have a wonderful time with your family tomorrow!

josie2shoes said...

I don't spend nearly as many hours reading since I got my first computer either, Cheryl! Even though I love to read, there is something about the friendship and interaction here that makes it even more appealing! I love audio books too, especially for long road trips like the 400 miles I'll be traveling to my daughter's house later this month - makes the time pass so much faster. Enjoy your chance to sleep in a little bit tomorrow!

Mo said...

Hope you had a good night's sleep and the time spent with your family is fantastic!

Oh, and between work, friends, and blogging...reading takes a back seat but I force myself to read some before bed. Maybe this is why I tend to only get five hours a night.

fiwa said...

Ooooh... that sounds so yummy. Now I'm craving banana pie and banana pudding.

Have a good time with your book club. I'm so jealous, I've always wanted to be in one. The two I joined just kinda fell apart after one or two meetings.

Enjoy your weekend!

Gin said...

I can't wait to see your recipe either! It sounds divine!! I know I could make a certain someone very happy if I made him a banana cream pie!!

I'll bet you have fun with your book club. I've always wanted to join one of those, but just never find the time. Guess I'll have to make the time one of these days!!


SOUL said...

sounds like a good day, and some good plans too-

i just might make the pie, when i see the recipe---no baking involved right?

happy saturday!

beachgirl said...

That pie sounds scrumptious.

I am trying very hard not to be a carb junkie anymore. I have severe food allergies so I am trying something new. Eating better for my body so I feel better. Yikes.
I do believe the hardest thing will be giving up my coffee in the morning. Only 2 cups. But I'm slowly dropping it.

I love to read. But I focus best on the beach. So I go often.

Have an awesome weekend. Sounds fun.

Dave said...

Well Cheryl... If I were stranded on an island I would go for your banana cream pies over Tom Hanks' coconuts anyday!! If anyone ever wanted to keep me away from their food, just add coconut to it! I love banana cream pie though!

Amanda said...

Oooh, I'm a little envious... I'd love to be part of a local book club but there doesn't seem to be any!

bonnie said...

I've always wanted to be in a book club too, or a cooking club, or a wine club. basically, a girls club.

mosiacmind said...

I hope that you got a good night sleep. The recipe looks so yummy

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