11 December 2007

The day progressed from feeling sick with this cold to feeling very sick. I hope it's all uphill from here. If there was a way to leave work early and do my clients another day, I would have been home in bed hours ago.

I had a surprise visit from Bon today with a get well package. I still can't believe she did this for me. In the bag was a container of delicious homemade turkey soup. And a new Corningware container to heat it up in. With a spoon and napkins. And saltine crackers. And a package of Ricola lemon mint throat drops. And herbal teas. With a get well card. Bon, that meant so much to me. I'm not used to being taken care of, and I thank you.

Time to get some rest. G'night!


Portia said...

Oh, man. I'm so sorry you're sick. I am tickled that you got a get well package, and from someone we know. (Hi Bonnie:) Sweet. I hope tomorrow finds you feeling much better!

heiresschild said...

hi Cheryl, i'm sorry you're not feeling well; sending prayers and get well wishes your way. feel better real soon! i'm so glad your friend brought you supplies. i have this one friend who'll be here in a jif with whatever's needed when i'm feeling a little under the weather.

you look so beautiful in your holiday picture!

Jay said...

Holy cow! That's an awesome get well package. I think I'm gonna get sick so I can get me one of those. LOL

That was a joke God ... I don't really want to get sick. ;-)

Summer said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. If Bon needs another friend where can I sign up? Ha!

dawn said...

cheryl, i hope you feel better. that was my october and being sick sucks when you have to take care of other people on top of it.

get well, chica.

C.A. said...

Cheryl, I'm so sorry youre feeling badly. I just got over an evil virus myself. How very lucky you are to have a friend who takes care of you like that!

I hope this day finds you moving back "uphill" again!


Cindi Ann

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

That is such a great idea! At least you were given something to help you move uphill again!
Please rest and if you have to hold off on your clients, they would have to understand. After all, would you rather be giving them a good haircut? Or a nasty little bug just before the holidays? Take care of you right now..that's what your body is saying!!
Get well soon!!
Lots of Hugs and well wishes!
And find some jewish penicillian to warm your throat up full with big maztah balls! :)


bonnie said...

Cheryl, It was my privilege. Thank you for making my day matter. But, really, just get well.

Jim Baker said...

awwww... that bonnie is so sweet and thoughtful isn't she! :)

i bet you're feeling better already.

jim baker

Billy said...

Okay, I am officially jealous. Why can't I live close to you guys????? Cheryl, I am loving the new picture of you and Em! Sorry, I just noticed it. Be looking in the mail for my Christmas card next week!

Happyone said...

Hope your better real soon. How nice of bonnie to give you that get well package!! :-)

Moohaa said...

I hope you feel better soon. What a nice friend stopping by with a gift. Very thoughtful.

josie2shoes said...

What a miserable time to be sick, Cheryl. I so hope that the TLC package and sleep found you feeling a bit better today (Wednesday). Your dedication to your job is awesome, I'll be you have a very devoted group of clients! Will be praying that you perk up quickly, can't have you sick for Saturday, that just wouldn't be fair!

Andrew said...

Stopping in this evening to see how you are feeling. I hope this finds you feeling much better and that you slept well last night. I never can sleep good when I have a cold. G'night dear friend.

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