23 December 2006

Ahh, I'm in a happy place. I so didn't want to go to work today. I went and conquered. The closer it got to my last client, the more the adrenaline flowed. I felt like an addict ready for a fix. My last client was a new one, home from college. She was easy, friendly and talkative--a great new client. I said good-bye to all and was on my way. I decided to park in the park & ride next to the shopping center to avoid getting mixed up in the horribly designed parking lot. About 10 other people had the same idea as me. A short walk up a hill and I was in the shopping center. I found myself whistling. The cafe at Border's was pretty empty when I got there. I got a large mocha coffee with an extra shot. I read Life's 70 Years in Pictures and Time magazine. I stayed for a long time. It was as wonderful a time as I had anticipated. Happy me.

I came home, and Emily and I left to meet my family to celebrate my father's 79th birthday at T.G.I.Friday's. We were a rowdy bunch. The food was really good, the adults had a beer or two, and we shared a bunch of laughs. I think everyone was just glad to have a reason to relax. I can't believe my dad is 79!

Emily's watching a movie with our neighbor downstairs. I'm lounging in my room. I just uploaded the Hanukkah pictures to make this slideshow.I just love pictures. You can tell, right? And to think I was so reluctant to get a digital camera. I thought I'd wait much longer, wait for the prices to come down more and the cameras to get better. I have a pretty simple point and shoot, and it's just fine. The size of it is ideal.

I don't have anything I have to do tomorrow. Ladeda!


Anonymous said...

Hey Cheryl... I hope Emily is doing okay. I told Beck that I would let you know I have a REALLY GREAT orthopedic surgeon if you haven't chosen one to visit. He's been my knee doctor since I was 19 and is VERY good.

Andrew said...

Merry Christmas dear friend and thank for your email I received today. I hope today is finding you enjoying the day off and resting. I hope Emily had a grand Christmas as well.


Billy said...

Oh, I love the music and pictures. It looks as though you had a wonderful time!

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