11 December 2006

I feel like I have a hangover from the weekend. It wasn't from drinking--I had a glass or two on Saturday and Sunday. It wasn't from how hard I worked. It was from being 'on' for what felt like 72 hours straight. My salon's open house on Saturday night was a huge success. We were celebrating 10 years at our present location and I'd estimate at least 250 clients attended. We had gift bags for everyone, food, drinks, and door prizes every 15 minutes. A great D.J. who played most of the music off of his iPod-I find that amazing. This is a picture taken before any of the guests arrived. (For those that have never been to my salon, you can see that it's huge. The picture only shows part of the front area of the salon. It was a warehouse before our visionary owner turned it into the salon that it is today.) Shortly after 7:00 the salon was packed with people talking, eating, laughing and dancing. Most of the guests left by 9:30 and then the evening continued on with a party for the staff. A great time was had by all. When I finally got home and into bed, I couldn't fall asleep!

I spent most of Sunday cooking and arranging the house for my book club holiday get-together. It was great...two vans full of friends arrived at the same time to make for an instant party. And, we did much more partying than discussing. We always have the best time together. Everyone brought food and wine. (We do eat well.) We had our gift exchange. Fun! I feel very lucky to be with this group of people. Unfortunatly, when I finally got to bed, I couldn't fall asleep, again.

Today started busy, busy and went on from there. I drove over to my parent's house and picked up my mother. We went to Main St., Annapolis. Then out to lunch. Pier 1, Trader Joe's, Giant Food. I dropped her off then went in search of Starbucks gift cards with the holiday motiff and felt card holders. They were hard to find. I went to a few more stores then finally, home. And so, here I am. Sitting. Writing. Happy. Hoping I'll be able to fall asleep.

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Billy said...

Sounds like a lot more fun than food poisoning. Glad it all went well.

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