22 December 2006

I'm just wiped out from work. The days have flown by, and I'm exhausted. Still, only tomorrow to go. I brought home all my gifts from work tonight. I received so many, it's almost embarrassing. I have wonderful clients and their generosity means a lot to me. I open all the gifts on Christmas morning. Emily helps. It's a lot of fun. If it weren't for my client gifts, I'd only have a couple to open.

Emily was complaining that her knee hurt last night. She said it 'popped' at school and a friend had to push it back in place. I'm not sure what that means. Her dad took her to the ER today for X-rays, and she has a torn ligament. She's in a soft cast and crutches. Well, she always did want crutches. She'll see an orthopedic surgeon after Christmas, but the doctor who treated her said it would heal. I hope it does that really fast, like over the Christmas break. She's supposed to go to NYC on Tuesday with her dad and step-mom for two nights. I hope this doesn't ruin their plans.

Well, I have to turn in. I start work at 8:00 AM and it will be here in a flash.

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