28 December 2006

It's interesting what happens after a holiday passes. Either no one talks about it, or its seems like it happened long ago, even if it was only 3 days ago. Mind you, I'm in the talking business. Along with hairdressing. You have to talk all day long. It's good when big events are coming. You can talk about how the stores decorate for Christmas in October. You can talk about shopping, decorating, cooking, stressing, entertaining. Talk and talk. Nobody talked about Christmas today. It was old news. And there's not much to say about New Year's. Except *bright idea* resolutions. That's a good subject. I've been thinking about things I want to accomplish. So...I know what I'll be talking about if it's not Christmas. I'll be talking goals and resolutions.

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Andrew said...

I started an early New Year's resolution yesterday and threw out the rest of my cigarettes. It is so hard though. I have been antsy all day today and have tried to keep myself preoccupied by staying busy writing, walking, and I ate lunch with George.

I am still on the throes of Christmas with my new camera. I feel like a kid in a candy shop. :-) Love your blog and thanks for updating so often. I check in several times a day to see if you have written. You write very well.

Your friend,


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