03 December 2006

:( I pushed the wrong button and deleted the post I was ready to publish. Don't you hate it when that happens? You try, really hard, to recover it, but it's gone, forever. I'll try for the re-creation.

I was going to say it's Saturday, but as I look at the clock, I see it's after midnight. (That sentence wasn't from my original post. Maybe it'll be better this time around) Anyway, I got to work at 8AM to find that my first client had cancelled. It gave me the opportunity to read part of the newspaper. The first client I did was a chatty 10 year old whom I find to be very entertaining. I finished the day with my friend Stella. We grew up together and were college roommates. The only time I see her these days is when she comes to the salon. We reminisced about the old days when we used to set our hair. She did hers to curl it, I did mine to make it straight. We had a good visit. I do a lot of that in my job-socializing with my clients. It's one of the reasons I love it. Anyway, my sister and sister-in-law surprised me while I was cleaning up. We talked for a while and then finally it was time to go to my favorite place. Border's Cafe has became Seattle's Best, and I really like the difference. The coffee's great, there's more employees so the service is much better, and there's more seating. When I got there I put my jacket over a chair at the only available table. The previous occupants left it a mess. I normally order brewed coffee, but have started buying fancy drinks because I have a lot of gift cards. I ordered some kind of a large caramel drink with an extra shot. The server asked if I knew it already came with 3 shots of espresso. I said yes, I've been waiting all week for it (that's why I'm wide awake after midnight). I go there for the caffeine. I didn't realize the drink would come with whipped cream, drizzles of caramel and a bar of chocolate balanced on the rim. Result=delicious. Calories=worth it. My table was being cleaned when I got there, but I saw a smaller one had opened up. I told the employee that I'd move to the smaller table, but she told me this one had good karma and I should stay. I liked that. I thoroughly enjoyed the drink as I read the latest edition of PC World. I didn't understand half of what I read; I wish I did.

I finished the last of the decorating when I got home. The halls are decked. I'll post pictures another time. Emily and I just hung out. Watched a lot of Season 2 of Gray's Anatomy. Emily's still watching it now. Tomorrow I want to make cinnamon ornaments, clear the dining room table (a big job.. you can't see the surface), generally pick up around the house, and go shopping at Savage Mill. I also want to deliver a present to a friend who just had a baby. I hope to have a pleasant day, with no drama.

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