31 December 2006

It's Sunday morning and I'm carving out some time to write. Yesterday afternoon I had resolutions on my mind. I've been thinking about some of the hard times I've had with my daughter lately. I decided my number one resolution is to spend more quality time with her. Yes, we spend a lot of time together, but a lot of it is spent apart, and it's because of our computers. Really. I'm as preoccupied with mine as she is with hers. I'm bothered by how much time she spends on the computer, yet she sees me spending as much. So, yesterday I told her that my resolution is to spend as much time with her as she's willing to give me. A smile slowly spread across her face as she said, OK. I'll try my best to be on the computer in the off times, like now while she's sleeping. Life goes by too quickly. Before I know it she'll be off on her own. I don't want to look back with regret at missed opportunities.

Em and I had a wonderful day yesterday. Her Dad dropped her off at my salon at 1:00. I hadn't seen her since Christmas Day and was really anticipating our reunion. She came while I was doing my friend's hair color, so we were all able to hang out. I took Cathy's hair from very highlighted blond to a soft dark blond with natural streaks. A new haircut and she was looking beautiful. I was really happy. Then it was time for Emily's haircut. I really like her hair long, but she wanted it just touching her shoulders, so that's what she got. It looks cute on her. I'm not sure if it makes her look older or younger.

We went to a mall we don't usually go to, but it has stores that I had gift cards to. First we went to the Aveda store and I picked out hair care products. I've always loved Aveda products but never thought to actually buy any till I got a gift card. The staff was so friendly and helpful. I love the earthy smell of all Aveda products. We went on to American Eagle, Emily's favorite of all stores. It was absolutely packed with kids her age and older. It was amazing how crowded it was. Everyone must have been using their holiday gift cards. Emily was certainly happy to use hers. We tried to have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, but there was a 70-90 minute wait. Can you imagine? We went to Nordstrom Cafe instead and had a wonderful meal. I had herbed chicken with rustic vegetables and cheesy polenta. Emily had the kid's hot dog meal. It was the first time I've ever had polenta and it was delicious.

From there we went to the MAC makeup counter at Nordstrom's. I had a gift card and decided I wanted help picking out eyeshadow. I've always felt too intimidated to actually sit down and have my makeup done, but I was feeling bold. The person helping me was so down to earth. Turns out she's an elementary school teacher who freelances for MAC on the weekends. I wound up buying a few pots of shadows and some eyeliner. Emily was dying to have makeup put on her so I asked if that would be possible. Emily had her turn and I bought her a barely-there color. From there we went to the Apple Store to take some pictures.

We left the mall just before closing time. With bowls of ice cream in front of us, and a video of the funniest commercials of 2006 on the TV, we concluded our evening. It was a great 11 hours together.


Billy said...

Way to start before the new year! Good for you! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

Probably not the same when it's not your own daughter, but I had a similar feeling this weekend when I was able to spend so much time with my nieces... such a great couple of days after not having seen them in nearly 4 years. Emily is lucky that you are so committed to keeping a good relationship. I hope to be that kind of parent.

Anonymous said...

That is a precious photo. You can tell by the smiles on your faces that it was a terrific day, a great way to start the new year, and the perfect resolution. Sometimes life just works.

Anonymous said...

I saw you eat polenta before. You made me try it. You bought a tube from Trader Joe's or somewhere. You fried it up in a pan and I think you eventually ate the rest of it although you didn't really like it. I think you served it with some yummy Tomato-Basil-Cheesey pie. :)

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