20 December 2006

I decided to ask my clients how they celebrate Christmas and what their traditions are. How come I never asked for details before? It was really interesting, and people really like to share. It also must be nice to have someone listen, with their full attention. I didn't grow up with Christmas, so I started with no traditions. That's why I find this so interesting. I'll write about my Christmas sometime soon. One of my clients told me that she and her three children, along with her sister, are renting a limo and going to New York City for the day today. That the cost is just a little more than round trip train tickets for all. I would love to do something like that. What a memory it would make. A lot of the holiday for the women I talked to revolved around the huge amounts of food that would be served for Christmas Eve, Christmas breakfast or brunch, and Christmas dinner. A lot of work. Most were looking for ways to simplify them. Two said they serve tenderloin (Fillet Mignon) that cost $100 each and they both needed two! They said it's so special and so simple. I can't imagine the cost. So many people have houses full of family and guests. I'll be working today thru Saturday, so I plan on collecting lots of stories.

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