03 December 2006

The day was long, but still too short. I did catch up with the laundry, clear the dining room table, find ways to use my new decorations, pick up around the house, etc. Emily watched the rest of the Gray's Anatomy DVD, but didn't have much enthusiasm for much else around the house. We went to the local firehouse to have our portraits taken. The Volunteer Fire Department hosts it as a thank-you for making a donation. The first picture is free; I hope it turns out good. I practiced my smile and wore lipstick. *Grin*
From there we went to Savage Mill. It's a converted mill that houses retail shops, antique shops, etc... I picked up some gifts for me. My favorite stamping store is there and I purchased the stamp that I'll use to make my Christmas cards. I also bought German glass glitter, which I think I'll love. Most all the decorations on my mantle have that type of glitter on it. I can't wait to start making everything sparkle.

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Mary Beth said...

Greetings from Kyiv! Thanks for the birthday wishes, and thanks for checking out my blog! It sounds like you're ready for the holidays. Mary Beth

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