06 December 2006

Work has been crazy busy. I say that I have the perfect job for me. Let me see if I can explain why. I'm kept busy almost every moment of every day with clients who make appointments to see me. That's very gratifying. I've been in the same salon for almost 20 years. My clients and I have a history. Many have seen me through boyfriends, marriage, pregnancy, motherhood, divorce, etc.. I've seen them through the same. I really care about my clients and consider many of them to be friends. I spend every day talking. And get paid. It's great. I like my clients, they like me. I work very hard, but I have enough energy for it. I work in a salon that's voted 'Best Of' almost every year. I work with a staff I really like. I was an art major who didn't know what to do for a career. I found the perfect job for me.

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