29 December 2006

I have been tagged by Abbagirl. I'm supposed to write 6 unusual things about myself. That part wasn't hard...I just don't know enough bloggers well enough to tag them. So, here are some things you may not know about me:

1. I have oatmeal for breakfast every single day.
2. I have a salad for lunch every single day at work.
3. I haven't called in sick in at least 10 years. I don't get sick, or sick enough.
4. I only drink regular coffee on my days off, except Saturday after work. And I love coffee.
5. It took me a while to get over John Denver dying. I still think about it.
6. I don't like watching any sport. The background noise is like endless chatter.

La de da

I was talking to a client today about blogging. She asked if I had a Myspace blog. I have one, but only for the purpose of being a 'friend' of my daughter and her 'friends'. I rarely check on it. It seems all anyone does is take surveys although I know a lot of people are into it. So this client and I talked about why I blog. I told her I'm not sure. I told her my first few posts were about wanting to keep a journal, and not being able to. And wanting to blog and not doing it. I had no idea I'd be able to keep up with. Then there's this: is this blog for me, or is it because I know others read it? I think I have to say it's some of both. I've always loved to read, I've always loved to write. The only writing I've done in the last few years was 'newsletters' to the families in my old Girl Scout troop. I'd write, edit, edit, edit, till it was as close to perfect as I could get. I enjoyed that. This writing is much more fun. I feel a passion for it. Sometimes it flows, sometimes I have to edit, edit, edit. I feel like with writing, I'm exercising a different part of my brain. It's a different way to be creative. I also feel like I'm part of a community. Whatever the reason, I'm enjoying it.

I'm having my family over for New Year's Day dinner. I'm doing it for my Mom. Before she had her stoke, we all went to my parent's house on New Year's Day. My Mom cooked a big ham dinner. She wanted to do it this year, and I offered to do it for her. She just wants us all to be together. We'll be having meatloaf and roasted potatoes, but I need to figure out what else. I going to look at some recipes...

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Billy said...

Well, I blog because of the network of friends I have come to know along the way.

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