20 December 2006

Oh, it's been a hard day. There's some school issues going on with my daughter, and she's not talking to me or her dad. I hope tomorrow's a better day, but I don't think it will be. I'm not used to this behavior. I was one of those really easy kids and don't remember ever giving my parents any problems. I know it's harder being a kid today. It's harder being a parent too. She thinks I'm the enemy. This will pass. I just have to keep telling her I love her, and I know she knows that I do.

It wasn't a great day for holiday stories. The only good story I got was the different ways a husband and wife look at the holidays. I did the wife's hair early in the day. I asked her what they do for Christmas. She sighed and said how stressed out she is. She said everyone would be coming to her house. That she'd have to make a big meal, and how she hates to cook. That they'd have her husband's brother over, sigh, and go to his sister's for a party the next day, sigh. Not very happy. I saw the husband at the end of my day. He's very excited about Christmas. He said the larger the crowd, the happier he is. That their 7 grandchildren would be coming, and how excited he is about that. He told me all their ages. I just smiled and listened.

That's it for now. Hope I can sleep...


Billy said...

Sounds like a blah day. I had one as well. There's always tomorrow. Have a better day, okay?

Anonymous said...

When you figure out how to handle teenagers, let me know. I'm collecting problem solving tips for teenage girls (for a few years down the road). Good luck.

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