12 December 2006

I'm in my comfy after-work clothes, relaxing, and very smelly. I made myself laugh with that. Last week a client and I were talking about perfume. I've wanted Allure, by Chanel, for years, but never bought it because of the cost. This summer my daughter, who's heard me talk about it forever, gave it to me for my birthday. Yes, I had to wait for a 12 year old to buy it. She had help from her Dad, which was very generous of him. She knew how special the gift would be and the lasting memory it would create. Anyway, back to my client. Finally we touched on a common interest: perfume. She's been wearing Coco, also by Chanel, for years. She said she always gets compliments on it, especially from men. (Hmmm..) I told her my Allure story, and that there was another Chanel perfume, Chance, that I put on every time I'm in a department store. I did think of buying it. I realized it was silly to wait for years for something you really want, that sometimes you just have to splurge. Well, guess what she gave me for Christmas? Uh, huh, Chance. A large bottle of it. I've been spraying it every morning and then again before bed. I'm going to sleep in expensive perfume. There is, however, such a thing as too much of a good thing. I sprayed too much and I stink!

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Billy said...

At least you can smell yourself. Some people can't that really should. :)

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